Tk20 2021.08 Release Notes (V9.2.8)

Field Experience

Hide Grade Field on Field Experience Forms

Administrators can now request from that the grade field be removed from the bottom of field experience forms. We recognize that this field can be confusing to assessors, so Administrators now have the option to request that field be removed. 

Hide the Feedback tab

Administrators can now request from that the Feedback tab be removed from field experience binders. We understand that feedback is often given directly on the students assessment form, and that the feedback tab caused unnecessary confusion, so now Administrators can request to have this removed. 

Once removed, assessors will  not be able to see the Feedback tab while reviewing the Field Experience binder.

Students will also no longer be able to see the feedback tab while viewing the assessments.
No feedback tab at the student’s end


Add Instructions to the Timelog Template

Administrators will now be able to add instructions to the timelog template so that the students are aware about the details before creating the entries.

Instructions field while creating the timelog template

Students will be able to see the instructions once they select the timelog template from the drop down.

Instructions displayed on time log template selection

Reviewers will also be able to see the instructions while reviewing the student.

Instructions at the reviewer end

Security Improvements

Tk20 by Watermark has begun an initiative to follow the STIG guidelines when hardening information systems. The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) are the configuration standards created by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) reporting to The Department of Defense. The STIGs contain technical guidance to secure information systems/software that might otherwise be vulnerable.  

Production Defects fixed in 9.2.8

  • Fixed an issue in Field Experience binders where users were not able to add the additional sites while placing a student. 
  • Fixed an issue in Course Binders where administrators were not able to give extension to an individual student . 
  • Fixed an issue for scheduler where students were getting added twice when additional students were added to an already sent portfolio 
  • Fixed a navigation issue in Administration and Advisement where the user was getting an HTTP error while navigating back to FE forms tab from the Due date tab. 
  • Fixed an issue in reports where the data was not getting fetched for the mentioned users. 
  • Fixed an issue in core reports where site staff links were not displayed for the Field Experience binders with reminders. 
  • Fixed a query performance issue for a field experience binder report. 
  • Fixed an issue in LTI where the users were not able to export  the LTI logs 
  • Fixed an issue in the Field Experience binder where the wrong student name was being displayed in the placement detail for a different student.
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