Tk20 2022.01 Release Notes (V9.2.9)

Field Experience

Evaluator Name on Field Experience Form

Evaluators will now be able to see their name corresponding to the field experience forms while assessing the students.
Name of the assessor corresponding to the form

Update Release Date as per the Send Date

Previously, when an administrator chose the option to send a binder at a later date, the release dates corresponding to the forms were not updated to reflect the later send date. Now, when selecting to send a binder at a later date, the release dates will automatically update to reflect the new later date.
Release date updated as per the send date

Additional Text added to the CT Assessment Email

In order to avoid the oops error issue, users will now be able to see additional text in the email stating that they should close the current session and open a new window and then paste the link. 

Dear , 

You have been assigned to supervise and evaluate from at . 

To access, complete, and submit the assessments associated with this placement, please click the link below user=1602a8c02382e46b15c814e71ff-504&portfolioPk=13321fac4d7f14d2171a74210dd-20e6 

If the link does not work, or you have experienced a timeout/OOPS message while completing assessments in the past, please close your browser, open a new window, then copy and paste the following address into your browser. user=1602a8c02382e46b15c814e71ff-504&portfolioPk=13321fac4d7f14d2171a74210dd-20e6 

Warning: In order to prevent data inconsistencies, please make sure that you only assess one student at a time and do not open assessments or navigate the system in multiple browser windows or tabs. 

Make sure to save this email. You will be able to access the associated assessments from the link provided. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Tk20 by Watermark Unit Administrator at : 


New column added to core report

A new column “Attending Status” will be displayed for the core report “Administration 024: Comprehensive Report on Student Data". 

Production Defects fixed in 9.2.9 

1. Fixed a performance issue for the report “COURSES 041: STUDENT COURSE ROSTERS BY TERM”. 
2. Fixed the incorrect alignment of the data for the columns 'Date Last Generated' and 'Times Generated'.
3. Fixed an issue where an incorrect student name was being displayed in the print preview for an application.
4. Fixed an authentication issue for SHIB clients whereby users were unable to log in.

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