Viewing All Responses in a Survey

One of the alternative views for the Survey Results report is to show All Responses for All Respondents. The level of detail in this report is essentially the same as the main report detail view, but showing all responses to all survey elements at the same time.

Each row of this report reflects the response of a single individual to a specific case (survey launch) of the selected form.

As well as name and case, each row also identifies the date submitted and the method of response (via email or as response to shared URL).

If surveys were set to be anonymous, you are not able to view the names of the respondents. In this case, individuals are identified as "respondent 1," "respondent 2," etc.

The remaining columns in this view reflect ALL of the elements of the selected form.

 Due to the possible large volume of data in this report, we recommend that you export to excel.

Use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to return to the main results list.


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