How can another faculty member generate reports on my DRF program?

In order to generate reports on a DRF program, the faculty member needs to have access to the TS Coordinator tools and be granted reporting permissions in the program, by the manager of the program.

To assign these permissions:
  1. Go to TS Coordinator on the top navigation bar
  2. Click the DRF Programs link
  3. Select the program from the Active or Inactive Programs menu
  4. From the Enrollment tab, select Assign Managers from the pull-down menu near the top of the area and then click Go
  5. On the next screen, click Assign New Managers
  6. Then click the Launch Member Locator button
  7. In the Member Locator window, you can search for the faculty members by name, or click Select Categories/Local Areas in the Basic Search area.
  8. Check the boxes to select the names of the appropriate faculty members, and then click the Save button. From the Assign Managers screen, you can check the management permissions you would like them to have, (Generate Reports), and then click the Assign button.

    Please note that only faculty members with access to the TS Coordinator tools can generate reports on a program. If you see "N/A" in "Program Setup" and "Generate Reports" columns, then the  faculty member needs to be made a TS Coordinator by the Watermark Support Team. Please email us at and put "TS Coordinator Access Needed" in the subject line. The Support Team will confirm when they have been given TS Coordinator access and then you will be able to assign them as a Manager with reporting permissions in your program.
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