Watermark Faculty Success - A New Name for Digital Measures

In July 2021 we launched new product names for core products within the Watermark Product Suite!

  • Watermark Planning & Self-Study
  • Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)
  • Watermark Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via)
  • Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures)
  • Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT)
  • Watermark Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog)

With these new names, we strive to more clearly articulate each product’s core purpose through descriptive wording that reflects your point of view and how each one supports your institution’s efforts to inspire progress. These new names also reinforce our focus and commitment to bringing you an integrated, efficient and complementary Watermark Product Suite.

In the case of Digital Measures, we chose "Faculty Success" as the new name to reflect its role in enabling university leaders and faculty members themselves to understand and celebrate the impact that their work has on their spheres of influence, and to identify and facilitate development opportunities that further their progress and success.

As part of this initiative we also selected new names for this product's modules that more clearly communicate their focus and core purpose:

  • "Activity Insight” will become “Faculty Accomplishments”, in recognition that the core purpose of this part of the system is enabling the collection, reporting and sharing of faculty activities and accomplishments.
  • The “Workflow” module will become “Reviews, Promotion and Tenure” to reflect the specific campus workflows that these tools were developed to support.
  • The “Web Profiles” module will retain its current name.

Learn more here about the rationale behind this initiative, how and why we selected each new name, and for a high-level preview of the types of in-product changes to expect.

Please find more details below on the changes you can expect to see in the product and elsewhere as we transition gradually from the old to the new name.

You may find this sample email to faculty helpful as you consider how to best introduce this topic to your stakeholders.

Moving To These Names

Over the coming months you’ll see these new names start to appear on our website, in our conversations and support materials, and in the products themselves. This transition will be gradual, with a bridge period where both the old and new names appear together, to help make the adjustment easier for you and your stakeholders. And the in-product changes will be visual and text-based; no functionality, workflows or URLs are changing.

In-Product Updates, August 10, 2021

This first round of updates to reflect Digital Measures’ new name, Watermark Faculty Success, introduced:

  • the Watermark App Bar, which includes the new Watermark Faculty Success logo
  • the Watermark Footer
  • new fonts to align with the Watermark brand and styles

These updates are largely visual in nature, and are focused on introducing the new descriptive name for the product, reinforcing its home within Watermark Suite, and providing those who use multiple Watermark products a more consistent experience.

These changes do not affect the functionality, workflows, or URLs of the system. They also do not affect the names of the main navigation tabs for end users - Activities, Reports, and Workflow.

Watermark App Bar and New Product Logo

Designed to provide consistency and context for users across the Watermark Suite, the Watermark App Bar includes the new product logo to inform the user which area of the Watermark Suite they’re actively working in, and standardizes the path to logging in and out, navigating to other Watermark products, and accessing help resources and information about Watermark.

The_old_product_header_for_users_with_Watermark_Navigator_and_the_app_switcher.pngThe old product header for users with Watermark Navigator and the app switcher.

The_new_product_header_for_users_with_Watermark_Navigator_and_the_app_switcher.jpgThe new product header for users with Watermark Navigator and the app switcher.

The_old_product_header_for_users_on_other_authentication_methods.pngThe old product header for users on other authentication methods.

The_new_product_header_for_users_on_other_authentication_methods.jpgThe new product header for users on other authentication methods.

In the context of Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures), the App Bar brings the product logo from the upper right to the upper left, with the "formerly Digital Measures" language present to provide visual confirmation that it’s the same product. Each institution's university logo also has a home in this app bar, represented here by YourU. You'll also notice that the links to help resources, notifications, and the buttons to log in and out and to toggle between products are also moving up.

Your university logo will automatically be moved to the new App Bar, but please note with the change to the white background, you may want to update your university logo for better color-contrast. If you wish to do so, please submit a General work request so that we can take care of that for you as soon as possible.

  • The large logo must have a resolution of 276x68 pixels.
  • The small logo, which is shown on mobile devices, must be 72x72 pixels.
  • Both logos should have a white background to display best in the app bar and on the login page.

Users will continue to use the navigation bar below the App Bar to access their activities, reports and workflows. This navigation bar and the hyperlinks within the system will continue to reflect your institution’s primary color scheme.

Watermark Footer

This footer provides users with a consistent place to locate the Sitemap for the solution they’re working in, as well as our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Accessibility Policy.


Updated Fonts

The new fonts are subtly different but align with the styles in the Watermark brand, as well as the fonts users encounter in other Watermark products.

Product Names in the Login Experiences

Local and LDAP Authentication Login Page

You’ll also see the new product logo if you log into the system through the digitalmeasures.com/login... page. Please note that the URL itself is not changing at this time; just the logo and the product name in the label of your browser window or tab.

Example of the local and LDAP login page with the old Digital Measures by Watermark logo.


Example of the local and LDAP login page with the new Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) logo.

Watermark Navigator

For those using Watermark Navigator as a single front door to multiple Watermark solutions, you’ll see the new product names reflected in both the login experience and the app switcher.


When logging in through Watermark Navigator, the second step is to choose your Watermark Product Destination. This list is now: EvaluationKIT, Planning & Self-Study, Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures), Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog), Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via), and Outcome Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)

What’s Coming Later

Over the coming months you can expect to see us continue to transition to the Watermark Faculty Success name and refine its look and feel to increase consistency and accessibility across the Watermark Suite. Here are some examples of things we have our eye on in the near term:

  • Text references to the product and its modules, to replace the following, as appropriate:
    • Digital Measures with "Watermark" or "Watermark Faculty Success"
    • Activity Insight with “Faculty Accomplishments”
    • “Workflow” with “Reviews, Promotion and Tenure”
  • The Watermark branding elements in email notifications sent from the system
  • Updated Support materials

We will keep you informed about each of these changes and its details, just as we do for all product updates.

What’s Not Changing

URLs will not be changing at this time. We are exploring ways to have new and old URLs work when we eventually pursue this change in the future, to minimize disruption to you and your users. We will also provide substantial lead time and resources to support you as you prepare for such a change.

The names of the "Activities", "Workflow", etc. navigation tabs are not changing at this time either.

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