Faculty Success Release Notes for December 14, 2021

This release delivers the ability to duplicate role groups! We also moved report selection from Template forms to Schedules. We hope these updates make process administration - and especially the handling of process variations - easier!


Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

New Features

Duplicate Role Groups

You can now duplicate role groups instead of creating them from scratch!


Role Groups area within Workflow with a "Department" filter applied and the Actions menu for the Department Committee group, expanded to show the new "Duplicate option" and the option to "Delete"

We envision this coming in particularly handy when you find yourself needing to create groups with slight variations due to process requirements or conflicts of interest.



Report selection moved from Template forms to Schedules.

Report selection moved to the Schedules area so your templates can be more neutral and reusable! From this point forward, you’ll tell the system where to attach a report through a placeholder in the Template form, and indicate which report to include (and for what date range) through the Schedule.

Adding a Report placeholder to a process form

The new Reports section in a Schedule

This is the latest in a series of changes designed to better align the features and purpose of templates and schedules with the ways that elements of your processes vary based on unit, the attributes of the people being reviewed, etc. We hope this most recent change helps you avoid breaking a template into two simply because the units who need it have different reports to include!

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