Rapid Reports

Rapid Reports provides a way for you to run custom reports quickly and easily on the data in Faculty Success. By enabling you to run reports from the same pages into which you enter data, Rapid Reports gives you the flexibility to see the effect the data you enter has on your reports easily. You can use Rapid Reports when managing your own data or when managing data for others. If you are managing your own data, the Rapid Reports feature will return the selected report with just your data. If you run a report using Rapid Reports while managing another user's data, the report will contain that user's data.

Note: You can normally run reports that you have configured with custom parameters from the Rapid Reports utility in a limited fashion. For these reports, we will automatically use the default value for each custom parameter to run the report. If one of these parameters is required for the custom report, a default must be set for the parameter in order for the report to be available through Rapid Reports. You can review the defaults for parameters on a given report by selecting the report in Run Reports. To request that we apply a default to a custom parameter, submit a Report Revision(s) work request. Reports that have a default output option of Microsoft Excel, or that do not have a default value for required custom parameters, will not be available from Rapid Reports.

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