Character Limits

A 20,000 character limit (character, not words) is enforced on text fields within Faculty Success. You can see this by downloading the Configuration Report and looking at the Max column.

You could always request to have this setting customized and choose something less than 20,000 characters through a Screen Revision work request. Keep in mind that for existing data, a field does not allow you to go beyond the text limit, so copying/pasting text into a field that exceeds the limit will fail the copy. In addition, you need to clear the field before you do a paste if you’ve hit the limit, it does not replace and then the delete, so you will hit the limit on a paste if there is text in the field and you are close to the limit.

Of note, the 30 word limit of Brief Biography within the Personal and Contact Information screen is not enforced by the system, it was just meant to be directional for faculty, so they know to keep it brief. This was actually a change we made to our base instrument back in July 2014. We decided to remove the text “30 words or fewer” to avoid this confusion.

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