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Checkbox and drop-down list fields use a set list of options. This helps with data consistency across users if you need to be able to use the response to a given field to group or sort records in reports. For consistency, the same dropdown list and also be used across multiple screens. For example, the same department dropdown list is also commonly used on Directed Student Learning to provide values for Student Home Department. This also helps with data validation from source systems if you only want to capture specific items within Faculty Success. Any records which use a value not contained in the list options will trigger an error when importing the record.

List options can be added, delete, or renamed. When submitting screen revisions for one of these actions, keep the following things in mind:

  • Adding new values: Make sure that the value you are adding uses the same type of formatting as the other values. For example – if adding Department values – be sure to use abbreviations if your other departments are listed as abbreviations.
  • Renaming existing values: Should values with the current name be updated to have the new name, or should they be updated to have no value selected from the list?
  • Deleting existing values: Should records with the existing value be mapped to a different value? Or should the selection be removed when the existing value is deleted?

Example of a checkbox field.

Additionally, you will be able to make a checkbox field required so that the user has to check the box before a record can be saved.


All drop down lists have type ahead functionality available, allowing users to see a list of pre-defined options as they input data.


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