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To begin improving your Currency score, remember that this data quality dimension is measured using the following metric: Median records per user for core screens.

This metric is measured the same way as the first Completeness metric, but we use a different time frame because the goal here is to gauge whether your data can provide real-time answers to questions.

You can review the attached Data Quality packet or the article, Data Quality: The Basics, for a more thorough explanation of this metric.

The currency metric is based on the idea that continuous data entry is the best practice for ensuring quality data in your reports. Your Success Consultant can provide you with details to determine if there are specific users or departments that are influencing this metric. There are many ways to encourage regular updates of the system.

  • Send a general faculty reminder to encourage continuous data entry, especially for core screens.
  • Review the screens where you load data on behalf of faculty via Web Services or CSV data imports (Yearly Data, Scheduled Teaching, etc.). Ensure that you are making updates to these screens on a regular basis.
  • Review the screens in your system to determine if there are additional types of records that you could be loading on behalf of faculty.
  • Encourage your faculty to make use of the ability to “Import Items” from PubMed or other reference managers to the Publications screen.
  • Consider using Faculty Success to drive your Faculty Web Profiles so that faculty can easily manage their own web presence.
  • Consider other reports or uses of the system that would be valuable to faculty.

Your Success Consultant can also provide you with a “Last Login” report. This report will show you the date each user last logged into the system and the accounts that have never logged in. Consider sending a targeted communication to these users, encouraging them to enter their most recent data.

Improving your currency score will give you confidence that your data is up-to-date and reflects your faculty's most recent activities.

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