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Faculty Success builds and maintains base reports for a number of accrediting bodies. These base reports meet the specifications of their respective accreditors, and they can be easily deployed to any Faculty Success client who wished to use them.

Among the supported accrediting bodies is ABET, or the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology.

ABET is the world's leading accreditor for technical programs such as applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology. Recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), ABET accredits around 4,000 programs at nearly 800 colleges and universities worldwide.

The following reports are standardized tables used in the ABET Self-Study Questionnaire. Self-Study Questionnaires are put together by an institution for each of the degree programs they want to accredit. You will find the template for each report attached below.

ABET Table 6-1: Faculty Qualifications

This report template displays a table of qualifications for Engineering faculty within a specific date range. The report specifically lays out each faculty member's education background, years of experience, and their level of activity in the industry.

The goal of this table is to describe the qualifications of the faculty and how they are adequate to cover all the curricular areas of the program and meet any applicable program criteria.

ABET Table 6-2: Faculty Workload Summary

This report template displays a table of courses taught per faculty, along with a workload distribution of program activity within a specific date range. In addition to those records, each faculty is displayed with their percentage of time dedicated to the program. 

ABET Appendix B: Faculty Vitae

Appendix B is a custom vita tailored to the needs of ABET accreditation within a specific date range. ABET's guidance stipulates that faculty vitae be formatted in 12-point, Times New Roman font, and that each faculty member's vita be no longer than two pages.

With that in mind, the Faculty Success ABET Faculty Vitae report comes with a companion screen — labeled "ABET Vitae" — where faculty themselves (or Manage Data users on their behalf) can select specific records from the relevant areas of Faculty Success to be included in the ABET vita report. (Similar to our base NIH and NSF biosketch screens, this screen does not involve entering any new records/activity data. Rather, utilizes Record Reference fields to assist you in selecting existing records from other screens, thereby designating them to be included in the ABET vita.)

ABET Professional Development Summary

ABET Criterion 6, Section D of the Self-Study Questionnaire template calls for "detailed descriptions of professional development activities for each faculty member." While there is no guidance on formatting for this information, the Faculty Success ABET suite includes a professional development summary report that can be utilized when preparing this section of your self-study report.

Note: To request that we put the ABET base reports in place, submit a Report Setup work request with the following details:

  • Instructions to put the reports in place - Please put the base ABET reports in place.
  • List of security roles that should have access to run the report - A list of available security roles can be viewed by selecting the View Security Roles link on the Users and Security page.
  • A list of colleges that should have access to the report, if it shouldn't be available for all users in your instance of Faculty Success.

Once you have initiated this process via a Work Request, we will follow up with some additional questions and confirm the screen revisions necessary to put the ABET suite in place.

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