Assigning Multiple Users to the Work Request Permission

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If it is necessary to give all the users, or a subset of users, on your Project Team access to the Work Requests permission, your campus can:

  1. Create a generic user account with either an alias email or an email distribution list as the email address. Your campus will need to create this alias or list, ensuring that emails to the created address will send to all the users who need access to the Work Requests utility.
  2. Submit a General work request to assign that generic user account to the Administrator security role. This work request should indicate the security role to which we should reassign the user account already assigned to the security role with Work Requests permissions.

The requirements for a University Administrator distribution user account are as follows:

  • The account first and last name needs to include the full, non-abbreviated name of your campus. For example, First Name: Your Campus, Last Name: Work Group.
  • The account first or last name cannot include the text "Faculty Success", "FM", "Administrator" or another term that could be confusing to other clients. This user account first and last name will be visible to other Faculty Success clients in the Resource Center.
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