User Experience: Approving Suggested Reviewers

Approval Process for Suggested Reviewers

A new section/experience has been created for External Review step types - “Aggregated External Reviewers”. This section will collect responses to “External Review” fields from all prior steps. These suggested reviewers will be grouped by the step that suggested them. Each suggested external reviewer can be either Skipped or Approved.mceclip20.png

Approved external reviewers will be surrounded with a green border, with a checkmark in the upper-right corner of their “card”. Skipped external reviewers will be surrounded by a black border, with a “cancel/stop” icon in the upper-right corner of their “card”. If a suggested reviewer is skipped, the skip can be undone, moving the suggested reviewer to the neutral status where they can be either skipped or approved.mceclip19.png

In some cases, there may be a need to add an external reviewer outside of the suggested reviewers due to insufficient suggestions, unqualified suggestions, or lack of approval for existing suggestions. The owner of the External Reviewer step will be able to manually add their own external reviewer selection in addition to all suggested reviewers.




Approved reviewers will be copied down to the External Reviewer Responses section of the task. This view follows the experience outlined for Committee Chairs when members have forms. The on-campus reviewer can see each approved reviewer, as well as a snapshot of their meta data from the above table (intended to minimize scrolling and put that information front-and-center). mceclip15.png

Selecting the Open Details button will open a modal with all of the details that the on-campus reviewer needs to be able to easily send an email invitation to the approved reviewer. The first step is to generate a URL for that user using the “Generate URL” button. mceclip14.png

All generated URLs are valid for 15 days, and the date/time at which they will expire displays below the link. If the on-campus reviewer has Mailto setup for their browser, they can use the “Create Email” button towards the bottom of the modal. This will default the values above into an email as a shortcut for the on-campus reviewer. mceclip13.png

If Mailto is not enabled, there is an easy click-to-copy experience for all linked materials in the top portion of the modal. Clicking the items will show a copied-to-pasteboard icon that fades out over time. mceclip12.png

Once a link is generated for an External Reviewer, their status on the main task view will change to Awaiting a Response.mceclip11.png

Once an external reviewer accepts the invitation, their status will update to “Accepted” on the main task view along with the date that they accepted.mceclip10.png

If an external reviewer declines the invitation, their status will update to “Declined” on the main task view, along with the date that they declined.mceclip9.png

When an external reviewer submits an evaluation, their status will update to “Response Received” on the main task view, along with the date they submitted.mceclip8.png

If an invitation was sent in error, or an external reviewer was Approved when they should have been Skipped, you can use the “Revoke Access” link to undo an Approval. This will move the suggested reviewer to a “Skipped” status in the Aggregated External Reviewer view, and remove them from the task table.mceclip7.pngmceclip6.png

Once a response has been submitted, the “Revoke Access” link will update to be a “Delete Response” link.

If a response was received that was malicious, from the wrong user, or for the wrong user, this link can be used to remove the response and move the Suggested Reviewer to a “Skipped” status in the Aggregated External Reviewer view, and remove them from the task table. This permanently deletes their response, so if a copy is needed for HR purposes, it should be downloaded before the response is deleted.mceclip5.png

If a user needs to submit a corrected review, you can re-Approve them in the Aggregated External Reviewer section, and send them a new link to re-submit. Of Note: Using this flow will still delete their response form. Do not use Revoke Access/Delete Response if you need to retain any portion of the response. Re-Approving an external reviewer will create a new blank form.mceclip4.pngmceclip3.pngmceclip2.pngmceclip1.pngmceclip0.png

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