Changing the Record Owner for a Linked Record

By default, our system configuration allows users to share a record, ensuring your faculty don't have to submit the same record, multiple times. By default the record owner is whoever first created the record and our system only allows the record owner to edit said record. For a more complete overview of these settings, please refer to the article User Reference.

If you've kept the default settings you may occasionally need to change the record owner. For instance, if a co-author and record owner has left the university you may want to give control of the record to a user still with your organization. 

Changing the record owner is a simple process, but it does require someone to access both accounts through the Manage Data utility. This is because even users with Manage Data permission can't edit a record unless they access the record through the record owner's account. We outline the simple steps to transfer ownership below:

➤ To Transfer Ownership of a Linked Record from User A to User B

    1. In Faculty Success, select Manage Data in the Navigation Bar.
    2. Under Manage Data for Individuals select User B and click Continue. A new tab will open.
      A new tab will open.
    3. manage_data.png
    4. Select the screen with the record you need to transfer to access the summary screen containing the record.
    5. Select the record and click Duplicate. This creates an exact duplicate of the record, but with User B as the owner, and opens the new record.

      duplicate_record.pngAn example of a copied Intellectual Contribution record.

    6. Click Save. It is important to save prior to the next step.
    7. Close the tab for User B to return to the tab with Manage Data open.
    8. Under Manage Data for Individuals select User A and click Continue. A new tab will open.

      Note: If the user has been disabled, you may need to change the filter on the Manage Data screen.

      A new tab will open.
    9. Select the screen containing the two records.
    10. Check the box next to the original record owned by User A.
    11. Click Delete (trash can icon)

A new record with a new owner.

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