How To Sync Course Evaluations & Surveys Reports to Faculty Success


The Faculty Success Administrator follows these steps AFTER the Course Evaluations & Surveys to Faculty Success integration is complete.

Syncing Course Evaluations & Surveys Reports to Faculty Success

1.  Submit a General Work Request to add Course Evaluation Management to any unrestricted security scope (e.g. University Administrator) 

Specify one of two optional permissions or request both:

i. Request Sync Course Evaluations to allow the ability to “sync” imports.

ii. Request Remove Course Evaluations to allow the ability to “undo” imports

2.  When the window for course evaluations closes and instructors receive access to their results in Course Evaluations & Surveys, the Faculty Success administrator initiates the pull of results from Course Evaluations & Surveys into Faculty Success.

a. Click Course Evaluation Management1.png

b. Complete the required fields for Term, Year, Field, EK Projects, and Report Type and click Sync Evals


The Report Types that will be available will depend on which ones you have enabled for the Instructor under the EK Reporting Results settings:


c. After clicking Sync Evals, the system updates every 5 minutes.  The status will remain as Attachment Pending until the file has processed. Once the file has processed, the status will change to either Attached or Failed.


d. To Download the Results of the Sync or Remove Evaluations click the down arrow on the right side.


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