Course Evaluations & Surveys - Faculty Success Integration

The Course Evaluations & Surveys to Faculty Success integration is available at no additional cost to Watermark campuses using both Faculty Success and Course Evaluations & Surveys. If you are interested in learning more about Watermark's Course Evaluations & Surveys, please contact your Client Success Manager.

This integration enables your institution to pull the results of course evaluations conducted in Course Evaluations & Surveys into Faculty Success without any manual exporting or importing. With this you and your faculty can view results easily alongside course data, craft a more comprehensive view of faculty activity for review processes, and gain better insight into course effectiveness with data on-hand to help you make informed curricular improvements.

NOTE: This integration supports either a Course Evaluations & Surveys Master Account, or a single Course Evaluations & Surveys Sub-Account.


How it Works

When the window for course evaluations closes and instructors receive access to their results in Course Evaluations & Surveys, the Faculty Success administrator initiates the pull of results from Course Evaluations & Surveys into Faculty Success.


The system takes care of the mapping for you, and attaches the results PDF from Course Evaluations & Surveys to each relevant course and instructor in Faculty Success. 

Once the sync of reports from Course Evaluations & Surveys to Faculty Success is complete, each faculty member can view their results alongside their course data in Faculty Success, and can easily incorporate these files into reports alongside their other activities and accomplishments.


If your institution uses Workflow to manage annual review, promotion, and tenure or other processes and includes course evaluation results in the packet of evidence submitted to these processes, Workflow will automatically include a faculty member’s relevant course evaluations in their submission so they can quickly review and easily submit to the given process.


Prerequisites for Implementation

Solution Requirements

In order to implement this integration, your institution must use Course Evaluations & Surveys and Faculty Success for the unit(s) for which you’d like to pull course evaluations into Faculty Success.

Configuration Requirements

In order to successfully map course evaluation results from Course Evaluations & Surveys to course records and instructors in Faculty Success, the integration has configuration requirements that must be met in both Course Evaluations & Surveys and Faculty Success.

1. The email address for your instructors must be the same across Course Evaluations & Surveys and Faculty Success.

2.  In Faculty Success:

1. The screen used to capture your scheduled teaching or courses taught must use the screen code SCHTEACH.

2. The primary key for your SCHTEACH screen must be:  TYT_TERM, TYY_TERM, COURSEPRE, COURSENUM, SECTION

3. All fields used as part of the primary key on SCHTEACH must be locked.

4. This screen must have a read-only or locked file upload field designated for uploading course evaluations that has the field code UPLOAD_WM_COURSE_EVAL.

3.  You must select one of the following solutions for connecting courses to Course Evaluations & Surveys

1. In Course Evaluations & Surveys, your courses are listed with the following Course Code format: CourseCode = CoursePre-CourseNum-SectionNum


2. In Faculty Success, add an additional field to store the Course Evaluations & Surveys course code. This field would need to be populated as part of your Scheduled Teaching imports.

Note: Any adjustments to your Faculty Success screens that are needed to align with these requirements can be made as part of implementing the Course Evaluations & Surveys-Faculty Success integration.

Implementing the Integration

Please submit a Faculty Success Work Request when you are ready to turn on the Course Evaluations & Surveys - Faculty Success integration. Specify which connection solution (3) you would prefer to proceed with as part of this request.

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