Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for April 16, 2024

Assessment Projects

Watermark’s newest product offering, Assessment Projects is now available! Assessment Projects supports juried assessment practices by providing features to configure an assessment project, identify eligible evaluators, timebox the assessment cycle, and utilize both common and specialized rubrics to assess student learning across multiple courses, departments, and programs. Assessment Projects is offered as a standalone product that can be added to your Watermark Suite or it can be added as a module to Student Learning & Licensure. To learn more about how Assessment Projects can streamline your institution’s assessment processes, please contact your Watermark Customer Success Manager.

Inclusion of Student Submission Dates in Rubric Data Extract

With this release a new column titled Student Submission Date/Time has been added to the Rubric Assessment Data extract.

The newly added column will display the date & time of submission by the student.

A few additional notes:

  • The Student Submission Date/Time column would also display in the CSV exports for Rubric Reports and Comparative Data Reports.
  • For activities of the Form Submission and Internship Form Submission workflows, the Student Submission Date/Time would be the same as the value under the Assessment Date/Time column as these workflows only require student submission.
  • For activities of the Observational and Internship Observational workflows, the Student Submission Date/Time would be blank as these workflows DO NOT REQUIRE student submission.

Ability for placement coordinators to manually add partner sites outside US region

With this release, New Placement Management will allow placement coordinators to add partner sites outside the US region. Grade Levels will be an optional field while manually creating a partner site.

Ability to bulk import partner sites

With this release, in New Placement Management, placement coordinators will have the ability to bulk import manually created partner sites (not NCES sites)

As part of the ability to bulk import manually created partner sites, the placement coordinator will have access to the “Imports” tab. The placement coordinator will be able to download the template as well as import the new CSV file, from the “Imports” tab.

Workflow to download a template:

  1. The placement coordinator can download the template using the Download .CSV Template option.
  2. A flyout will be displayed on the screen, where the placement coordinator would have the options to:
    1. Include existing sites (excludes NCES sites) (by default this option will be selected)
    2. Blank Template 
  3. After selecting the template type, once the placement coordinator clicks the “Download” button, a loader will be displayed on the screen while the download is in progress.
  1. Once the template is generated, the flyout will be closed and the downloaded CSV file can now be accessed using the browser download.

*Workflow to import a CSV file:*

  1. When a placement coordinator clicks on the “IMPORT . CSV FILE” option available under the “IMPORTS” tab, and further selects a “Partner Site” option, a flyout is displayed on the screen, wherein a placement coordinator can upload a '.CSV' file using the “UPLOAD FILE” option.

  1. Once, a placement coordinator uploads a file, the uploaded file will be displayed on the flyout with an icon indicating that the file was uploaded successfully.
  1. After uploading the file, the placement coordinators can click the “IMPORT” button to initiate the partner site data import.
  2. While the import is in progress, the system will display the “In Progress” status on the screen.

NOTE: We have introduced a new column to the existing screen i.e. “ Import Type”, using which a placement coordinator can differentiate between the various import files and the category to which category each import belongs.

  1. Once the import is completed successfully, the status changes to “Completed”.
    1. By clicking on the “View Details” link, the placement coordinator can view a summary of the import.
    2. While importing the Partner Sites CSV file, there can be situations when a system gets multiple options of addresses for a site/sites. The system will save the first option address and display the saved addresses for the site/sites in the table on Import Details Flyout.
    1. NOTE: In case the system does not get multiple options of address for a site/sites while importing the CSV file. The system will not display the “Address Verification” part on the “Import Details” flyout.
  1. In case there are any issues with the import, the status will be updated accordingly and will also display the number of failed rows.
    1. The placement coordinator can click “View Details” to view the list of failed rows.
      1. Clicking the “View Details” displays a flyout listing the rows with errors.


  1. The Placement Import will be restricted by the node-level access of the Placement Coordinator. However, the Partner Site Import will not be restricted based on node-level access of the Placement Coordinator as sites are a global entity.

Validations for Bulk Partner Site Import (this information can go to the help center) :

  1. Here is the list of errors:
    1. Error: This site is connected to the NCES database and can’t be edited.
    2. Error: Site name’ is a required field.
    3. Error: City’ OR Zip Code’ is a required field.
    4. Error: ‘Country’ is a required field.
    5. Error: ‘Site Type’ is a required field.
    6. Error: Invalid ‘Site Type’ input. Accepted values are ‘Educator Prep’ or ‘Other Programs’.
    7. Error: Invalid input. Accepted values are ‘Pre-Kindergarten’, ‘Kindergarten’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘6’, ‘7’, ‘8’, ‘9’, ‘10’, ‘11’, ‘12’, ‘13’, or ‘Adult Education’. 
    8. Error: Invalid Input. Accepted values are ‘Regular School’, 'Other/Alternative School', ‘Special Education School’, ‘Vocational School', or ‘Reportable Program’.
    9. Error: Invalid input. Accepted values are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
    10. Error: Invalid input. Accepted values are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
    11. Error: Invalid Input. Accepted values are ‘City’, ‘Suburban’, ‘Town’, or ‘Rural’.
    12. Error: Invalid input. Value must be a number between 0 and 99999.
    13. Error: Invalid input. Value must be a number between 0 and 100.
    14. Error: Address could not be found. Confirm that the ‘Address’ or ‘City or Zip Code’ fields are correct.
    15. Error: Invalid input. Accepted values are 'Yes',' No', or 'Unknown'.


Leader Insights Widgets for Program Assessment Progress Metrices

With this release new data widgets would be available for programs in Leader Insights to track activity and assessment progress in SL&L for courses affiliated to the program. For details, please refer the Leader Insights Release Notes.

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