Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for March 19, 2024

Allow user to specify role to associate to assessment when a user has multiple roles

With this release, the admin or instructors using reporting insights will be able to accurately report on the assessments that are completed by users who have more than one role within the same section, so that their accreditation reports contain accurate data.

Modifications after release:

  1. When a user who has multiple roles (i.e. supervisor and instructor) within a section lands on the activity page for the section, the Supervisor role will be in selected by default in the role drop-down and the Instructor role will be available as an option in the drop-down.
  2. Report Output UI Changes:
    1. For users having multiple roles within a section, the assessments submitted using each role will be distinguished as separate. Separate data rows will be displayed for each of the assessments on the UI as part Standard and Rubric reports drill down views. The role using which the user has performed the assessments will be displayed for clarity e.g. Supervisor, Instructor, Additional Assessor etc….
    2. In the data table displayed under the bar chart/pie chart, an additional “Assessor Role” column will be displayed after the assessor column for the Standard and Rubric reports.
  3. For Standard and Rubric extracts, the “Assessor Role” column will contain the value of the membership role value (i.e. supervisor/ mentor/ instructor/ additional assessor).


  1. All these changes will only be valid for the newly created activities of the following workflow types:
    1. internship workflow
    2. internship observational workflow
    3. assisted assessment workflow
  2. For existing records (activities) where the same user has multiple roles within a single section, the system will display the role value (specifically, the section role value).
  3. For existing records (activities) where the user has a single role within a section, the “Assessor Role“ column from the report output UI (for Rubric and Standard reports) will remain blank.
  4. For existing records (activities) with one user assigned to a single role within the section, the “ Assessor Role “ column will display the same membership role name in extracts and the CSV downloads of reports.

Enable Student to Export their Gateways Licensure Plan Documents

Student users will now be able to export their licensure plan documents. They will see a button as soon as they open their licensure plan.

Clicking the button “Export My Submissions” will open a right side panel, where all the licensure plan requirements will be listed. Student user will only be able to select document based requirements with submissions.

They can search for any particular requirement using the search filter.

They can select multiple requirements and click Extract button in order to start the extract process.

Clicking Extract button will open a new sub tab displaying the text regarding the extract process.

The “Export My Submissions” button will be disabled until the extract process is completed.

A zip file will be created as soon as the extract process is completed. Users can choose to save it on their system. The zip file will be saved with the name of the Licensure Plan followed by the time stamp. It will contain all the documents uploaded for the selected requirements by the user for their licensure plan.

In cases where extract process is failed due to some technical reasons like network issue, or any other glitch, then a message will be displayed for the user in the new sub tab from where they can reinitiate the extract process by clicking the “Export Submissions Again” button. It will start the extract process again for the selected parameters (requirements).

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