Configuring Course Evaluations & Surveys Projects to Support the Connection with Faculty Success

When creating your project in CES (Course Evaluations & Surveys), one of the primary considerations should be to establish a setup that optimizes the seamless transfer of reports from CES to FS (Faculty Success) through the CES-FS integration. This integration ensures efficient utilization of the evaluation data that has been gathered and enhancing decision-making processes.

To successfully configure your project in CES as a CES Administrator for this integration, several key considerations should be followed which are discussed in this article. 

Key Considerations 

  • CES Project Type Must Be "Course Evaluation" (Required):
    When creating your project in CES as the CES Administrator, the project type must be "Course Evaluation," as a "General Survey" type project cannot be used for the integration.

    To view detailed steps on how to create a course evaluation project, refer to this article: How to Create a Course Evaluation Project in CES

  • Course Code (Required):
    The course code in both applications serves as an identifier to find matching courses between the two systems. Therefore, it's critical to adhere to one of the following two requirements:

    In CES, the course code follows this format: (CoursePre-CourseNum-SectionNum): Here, "CoursePre" refers to the course prefix, "CourseNum" refers to the course number, and "SectionNum" refers to the course section number. It's crucial to ensure that the information entered in the course code for CES matches what your Faculty Success Administrator enters for the course in FS when creating the courses Scheduled Teaching records, which can be created in bulk in FS via a CSV Data Import.

    Alternatively, you may add the course code that you utilize in CES to FS for the courses corresponding scheduled teaching records. This process may require collaboration between administrators of both applications, if you do not have access to both as an administrator.

    To retrieve course codes from CES and add them to FS, follow these steps:
    • Navigate to "Surveys & Projects" from the navigation bar.
    • Select "Projects" and locate the desired project.
    • Go to its "Courses" tab and export courses either selectively by clicking "Export Selected Courses" or all at once by selecting "Export All Courses."
    • An Excel file will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
    • In the exported Excel file, find the column labeled "Code" which contains the course codes.
    • Add these course codes to the corresponding Scheduled Teaching records in FS under the field with the field code as "EK_COURSE_CODE." These course codes can then be added in bulk via a CSV data import to FS by your Faculty Success Administrator. 

      Note: The Faculty Success Administrator for your institution has access to the Configuration Report. This report may be referred to for viewing the field codes for the Scheduled Teaching activity screen of your Faculty Success instance. 

  • Report Setup (Required):
    You must ensure that your faculty members can view their results in CES by ensuring that within the Report Setup tab of your project in CES, the instructors have access to run reports for the project in order to view their results by setting the date of access to coincide with when you expect to run the sync from the CES-FS integration for the project or when instructors should be granted access to run reports.

    Additionally, it's recommended to keep their ability to run reports for the project as "Keep Open." By setting their access end date as "Keep Open," this ensures that they can always run reports for the project, which will allow you to bring in reports from CES to FS when initiating syncs at any time for your users.

  • Cross-list courses (optional):
    If you plan to include cross-listed courses for your project in CES, make sure your courses are properly cross-listed by creating them according to the guidelines outlined in the following article: Course Evaluations & Surveys Cross-listed Course Functionality.

    If the courses are not cross-listed in your project in CES as outlined in the article above (re-linked here), the sync from the CES-FS integration will not function as anticipated for those courses.

  • Team-taught courses (optional):

    For courses where multiple instructors taught the course, they must be configured accordingly in the project in CES to capture evaluations for each instructor. You can do this by configuring the team-taught feature for your project.For more information on configuring this feature, please refer to this article: Team Taught Courses Configuration.

After your project has been properly configured with the key considerations outlined above being met, you may deploy your project. Once your project has ended, your Faculty Success Administrator may refer to the following article to view the steps on how to begin syncing the reports from CES to FS via the integration: How To Sync Course Evaluations & Surveys Reports to Faculty Success


Note: If you are a CES Administrator and do not have access to Faculty Success as an Administrator, or vice versa, you may need to collaborate with the administrator for the other application to coordinate the steps required in the process to run a successful sync from the CES-FS integration.


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