Viewing Transaction Statuses


The Data Transactions Area

The Data Transactions area provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for monitoring the status of data imports into System Administration. This area will also display the integration status as the data is tracked and imported into the institution's various Watermark Product(s).


The above image shows the Transaction Log for this sample institution. It includes information about all data imports - from manual deletions, to individual CSV imports, and also bulk ZIP Imports.

The status of the data transaction can be tracked by referencing the Import Status column, which is the status of the data imported into System Administration. To its right, the Integration Status column shows the status of data sent from System Administration to the institution's various Watermark products (example: Planning & Self-Study, Gateways, Student Learning & Licensure).


Checking the Status in Individual Products

To check the status of the data processing in individual Watermark products, click on "View Transaction", shown on the right in the first screenshot above. Details include the number of records added, updated and deleted. In addition to the Import Status, details on Product Integrations are provided. In the screenshot below, we can see that two of the three Watermark products have received the integrated data, while one product is Pending.







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