Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for January 04, 2024


Ability to have the same user email in different SL&L institutions

With this release, the same user email can be included in multiple SL&L institutions, irrespective of what role (i.e. admin, faculty, student, or external) is associated with the user email in the different institutions it has been included in (for example, the same user email can exist in Institution A and Institution B, with the role in Institution A being admin and the role in Institution B being student).

Previously, this was possible only if the user email existed in each of the institutions institutions (the user email was added to) with the external role.

This would enable users to be able to access all institutions they are associated with from a single user account. Once the user logs in, they will see an institution switcher in the top navigation bar that would enable them to switch between institutions.

The institution switcher would be available in all the different areas of the application i.e.

  • Classic Admin
  • Academics & Offices
  • In Progress, Timeline, Rubrics, Templates, and Profile pages
  • Reports
  • New Placement Management

NOTE: The institution switcher would not be available in Gateways for now, but will soon be added to Gateways as well in the future.

A few additional notes for reference:

  • When the user logs in from the SL&L login page or through Watermark Navigator, they will be directed, by default, to the last institution they had accessed or logged out from during their previous login session.
  • If the user logs in from a native SSO login page for an SL&L institution, they will be directed to the relevant page of the institution for which the native SSO set up belongs (for example if a user email has been included in Institution A and Institution B and the user logs in from the native SSO page for Institution B, they would be directed to the relevant page from Institution B, based on their role in Institution B).
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