Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for November 17, 2023 (9.14.0)

Campaign Enhancements

  • Adds the ability to end an Ongoing Campaign once it has been started, and edit its send schedule.
      • For more information about managing a Scheduled Ongoing campaign, click here.
  • Renames Manual to Immediate to better represent what happens when selecting this campaign type.
      • Once started, an Immediate campaign will only send messages one time to everyone found within the selected campaign filter as soon as the campaign is started
  • Revises the Campaign Messaging Statuses to indicate when a campaign has not yet been started (label is grey), is currently active (label is blue), or has been completed, eg. is done (label is green).  For more information about campaign Messaging Statuses, click here
      • Not Started - The campaign has not yet been started and has not yet sent any messages. 
      • Active - The campaign is continuing to send messages according to the defined schedule.
      • Done - The campaign has finished sending all of the scheduled messages or has been manually ended.
        2023-11-27 08_01_23-Campaigns - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

SIS Import Enhancements

  • When importing person records on the Person data feed import, an error will display in SIS Integration Administration on the Import Errors page if an invalid person type is included on a person record
      • If/when an invalid person type error is captured by the SIS import process, the system will capture this error to display on the UI and then move on to the next record in the person import file, eg. finding an invalid person type will not fail the entire person data feed import.
          • For more information about importing person types, please click here.
      • If an institution is sending any invalid person types, this must be corrected in the source data (eg. SIS data extract definitions CSV file/SQL queries on the client server, in the institution's environment) so that the person record will display on the UI once it is associated with a valid person type.
      • For more information about person types, please click here.
  • Adds an All Ids data feed for Person High School data deletion integration.
      • For more information abut Data Deletion Integration, please click here.
      • To view which data feeds integrate data deletion, click here.
      • Person High School records that are manually created through the UI, either by the Prospect Import CSV file or Individual Prospect entry, will NOT be deleted by the SIS Deletion Job.
      • Only Person High School records added via the SIS Import process can be deleted via data deletion integration by importing Person High School source system Ids on the Person High School All Ids feed. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where the help text displayed on the primary navigation bar Global Search input field was incorrect when accessing the SS&E application via the web browser on some smaller mobile devices.
  • Fixes an issue where filtering by tag in People Administration would sometimes include person records that are no longer associated with the selected tag(s), causing bulk tag removal via People Administration Bulk Actions not to work.
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