Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for November 7, 2023

Student Learning & Licensure – Communication Management

With the release of Communication Management, administrators, who have enabled New Placement Management, will have access to customize Mentor Notifications! 

To configure mentor notifications for your institution, select the Settings tab and then navigate to the Communication Management area.




There are four scenarios that trigger an email notification to be sent to mentors: 

  1. Mentor and Student Alignment - When a Student is aligned with a Mentor through Student Learning & Licensure or Placement Management
  2. Updates to Placement Details - When placement details have been added from Placement Management
  3. Supervisor Alignment - When a Supervisor has been aligned to a Student Placement.
  4. Site Alignment - When a Site has been aligned to a Student Placement in Student Learning & Licensure

To access the content for each notification, select the edit icon.



Primary Messaging is included each time the email notification is sent. While Primary Messaging is read-only, administrators can use the Additional Content area to append information they’d like to share with their mentors when the notification is sent. 


Selecting the Status toggle will allow administrators to set the notification from Active to Paused. Pausing notifications will immediately discontinue the notification from being sent to mentors. 



Ability to search for a specific section or activity on the LTI 1.3 activity linking page

Course section instructors, when working on linking an LMS assignment to a specific SLL activity, will now be able to:

  • Search for a specific section from the list of sections they are associated with as an instructor.



  • Search for a specific activity from the list of activities displayed after they have selected a specific section.



The search feature on the section list card as well as the activity list card would filter the lists as the user types characters in the search box.


  • The search is triggered as soon as the user enters text/characters in the search box.
  • If there are no results to display for the entered search text, the message No results match your query, try different search terms. is displayed.
  • Pagination displays according to the number of results based on the search.
    • If there are 5 or less than 5 results, pagination is not displayed for the search results.
    • If there are more than 5 results, pagination is displayed for the search results.
  • If the user searches, selects one of the search results, and then clears the search text, the user lands on the page on which the selected value is listed (for example, if the user searches for section 8, selects it, and clears the search text, the user is directed to the page where section 8 is listed and continues to see section 8 as selected).
    • The selection is retained only if all of the entered search text is selected and cleared at once.
    • The selection is not retained if the user attempts to clear the entered search text one character at a time.
  • If the user searches, does not select any of the search results, and then clears the search text, the user lands on page 1 of the original list.
  • If the user navigates to a specific page, then searches, does not select any of the search results, and clears the search text, the user is directed back to the page they were on when they initiated the search (for example, if the user navigates to page 3 of the available options, then uses the search text section, does not select any of the listed search options, and clears the search text, the user is directed back to page 3, which is the page they were on when they initiated the search).
    • This also applies to cases where no search results are yielded for the entered search text.


Updates to the Sample Import Files - User Interface and CSV

With this release, we have updated the sample file preview as well as the actual .csv sample file under Admin > Imports for all imports.

The updated preview and .csv sample files are attached below for reference:

  • Hierarchy Sample File
  • Users Sample File
  • Courses Sample File
  • Sections Sample File
  • Section Memberships Sample File
  • Academic Data Sample File
  • Terms Sample File
  • Sections for Hierarchy Node Sample File (Hierarchy > Node > Course > Sections tab > Import Sections option)
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