Why is data delayed on the Home Page User Dashboard Student Alerts widget?

By design, the Student Alerts widget underlying view refreshes every 30 min by a scheduled job, yet depending on how much data is being processed it may take up to 1-2 hours to complete and update what is included on the UI.

  • This job will look for all alerts that should display on the Student Alerts widget at the time the scheduled job runs.
  • The max amount of time it may take to see an alert display on the Home Page would depend on the exact time of the alert, the interval between jobs, plus the time it takes for the job to complete.

For example, if an alert was triggered at 10:55 AM, and it showed up as expected on the targeted student alerts tab, the targeted student activity feed and the targeted student success team/followers caseload activity feeds, the home page dashboard Student Alerts widget will display this same alert after the next student alert view scheduled job completes. For example:

  • If a job runs at 11 AM and finishes at 11:20 AM, the alert will appear on the home page student alerts widget at 11:20 AM.
  • If the job starts at 11 AM and only finishes at 12:15 PM, the alert will appear at 12:15 PM.
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