Student Learning & Licensure Release Notes for September 26, 2023

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Smartmatching Update: Matching LMS Course to SL&L Course Section based on Section ID

Previously, as part of the smart-matching implemented to automatically link the LMS assignment to the SL&L activity (as part of LTI 1.3) , the LMS course and the SL&L Course Section were matched only on the basis of Section Name.

With this release, we have enabled LMS course and the SL&L Course Section to be matched based on Section ID, in addition to the Section Name.

So, whenever a user enrolled in the LMS course (instructor or student) clicks on the link of an LMS assignment that is not already linked to an SL&L activity, the smart-matching process will be trigged. As part of the smartmatching process:

  • SL&L will check for matching sections (between the course of the LMS assignment that the user has clicked and the SL&L course sections that the same user is associated with) based on Section ID or Section Name.
  • Once an SL&L course section match is found for the LMS course, SL&L will look for matches between the LMS assignment (i.e. the LMS assignment that the user has clicked) and the SL&L activities from the matched SL&L course section, based on LMS Assignment Title <> SL&L Activity Title.

PLEASE NOTE: Smartmatching works for all LMSes other than D2L as D2L doesn’t send the assignment title as part of their response.

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