Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for Sept 8, 2023 (9.8.0)

Prospect Management Enhancements

This release introduces Prospect Sources that are used to determine how a prospect record was created and help explain how/where/when a prospect was first engaged with.

For more information about Prospect Sources, click here.

  • Adds Prospect Source Administration to SS&E Admin.
      • Prospect Source Administration is enabled from Role Administration by selecting "Can Manage Prospect Sources".
        2023-10-09 08_52_41-Roles.png 2023-09-11 12_05_05-Settings.png
      • Once enabled, you must log out and log back in in order to view Prospect Sources on the Admin page menu items.
         2023-09-11 12_13_32-Institution Configuration.png
  • Adds the "Can Manage Prospect Sources” permission to Role Administration.

      • This allows users with a permitted role to access the the prospect source admin page to create and/or edit a new Prospect Source.

      • Every prospect source must be associated with a pre-defined category. 2023-10-03 11_44_31-New Prospect Source.png
      • Categories are predefined within SS&E and cannot be modified. The following prospect source categories are available to choose from:
        1. High School visit/event

        2. College visit/event

        3. Inbound direct

        4. Purchased list

        5. Web form

        6. Other

  • Adds Prospect Source to the Prospect Profile tab Details.
      • The prospect source name will display on the prospect's profile tab.
      • Each prospect record can display only one prospect source.
      • If prospect records are merged from multiple form submissions, the system will display the prospect source with the earliest date.  2023-10-05 13_46_49-.png

Inquiry Form Enhancements

  • Adds Prospect Source to Inquiry Form Administration.
      • Adding a prospect source to an inquiry form is not required.
      • When a prospect source is added to an inquiry form, it displays on the Info section of the form details view. 2023-10-06 08_11_34-.png
      • Prospect Sources can only be added to Inactive forms, since Active forms cannot be edited.
      • When a prospect source is included on an inquiry form, prospect records created by inquiry form submission will automatically be associated with the name of the form's prospect source.
      • If there is no prospect source on a submitted inquiry form, upon form submission nothing will happens and the prospect will not be associated to any prospect source.

      • When an existing prospect submits multiple inquiry form(s), the system will only add a prospect source to the prospect record if they do not already have a prospect source associated with them from a previous form submission.

      • When creating a new inquiry form or editing an inactive form, users may choose an existing prospect source or choose to use/add a new prospect source. 
          • To add a new prospect source on the fly, click on "here" in the help text to open prospect source administration in a new browser tab. Once a new prospect source is created and saved, when you go back to the Forms page it will be available in the Prospect Source dropdown values. 2023-10-06 07_52_39-Forms - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Filter Enhancements

  • Adds a Prospect Source Filter
      • The Prospect Sources Include/Exclude Filter is enabled via Person Type Administration -> Search Filters Yes/No. The default setting is set to No.
    • 2023-10-05 14_02_55-.png 
      • When enabled in Person Type Administration, Prospect Source Include/Exclude is added to the Student Information Filter criteria.
      • Search by prospect source name(s) and/or category(s).
      • Multiple prospect sources and multiple prospect source categories may be selected.

2023-10-05 13_54_57-.png

2023-10-05 13_55_32-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

2023-10-05 13_55_45-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png


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