Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for Aug 25, 2023 (9.7.0)


Prospect Management / Inquiry Form Enhancements

In Forms Administration, on every Active form:

  • The "Publish" action button was changed to display as a "Share" button that allows an institution to share a specific inquiry form with prospective students.
  • After clicking on "Share", a QR Code tab was added, in addition to the Sharable URL and Embedded hyperlink options. 
  • The QR Code tab will display an image of the QR code that links to the Inquiry Form URL.
      • The QR Code tab will display a Download button beneath the image on all browsers.
      • The QR Code will also display a Copy button beneath the image on supported browsers.

2023-09-08 16_36_10-Photos.png

In Forms Administration, on every Inactive form, on a New Form page or Edit Form page:

  • Title, Headline, and Subtitle fields were added to help identify the different inquiry forms.
      • The Title is a required field that is used to name a form within SS&E, and does NOT appear on the form itself.
      • The Headline is a required field that displays at the top of a form in bold.
      • The Subtitle is not a required field, yet if populated it will display on the form beneath the headline.
  • On forms that were activated before the release, the form titles are displayed as the form headline.

2023-08-30 07_43_28-Settings.png

2023-09-05 09_49_36-Forms - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

For more details about the inquiry form enhancements, click here.

Filter Enhancements

  • Adds filter options for “Department Interest Include” and “Department Interest Exclude”.

      • These filters were added to Search Filters listed in Person Type Administration.

      • By default, these filter options are disabled for all person types.

      • When enabled, these filter options will display in the Student Information filter section and display results that match information that may display on the Profile tab, not the Forms tab.
      • Filter results will include data that may or may not display on the Profile tab, depending on person type Profile Features settings.

2023-09-05 11_32_09-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-09-05 11_28_15-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-09-.png

Bug Fixes

Academic Plan Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where a term is no longer off plan yet the academic plan is incorrectly set to Off Plan.
      • To help resolve this, when editing an off plan academic term with no courses, an alert will appear notifying the user that is they change the off-plan term status to no status or on-plan term status, the term will be hidden.
      • Once hidden, the term will disappear from the academic plan so that it will no longer contribute to the overall plan status, and you will no longer be able to edit this term status.

2023-09-08 17_53_51-Academic Plan - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Campaign Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where an error sometimes appeared when a user tried to create/save/start a campaign with a valid start date in the future.
  • Fixes the Campaign End Date selection. 2023-09-05 11_54_01-Settings.png

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