Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for Aug 11, 2023 (9.6.0)


Campaign Enhancements

  • Adds additional messaging variables for campaign messages 2023-08-14 10_07_41-Campaigns - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Inquiry Form Enhancements

  • Adds formatting on empty inquiry form field submissions
        • Submitted fields that are not required and left blank will display on the UI with italicized text showing that a value was ‘not provided’. 
        • Form Details can be viewed from the Forms tab when permissions allow.
            • In order to view the Forms tab, the tab itself must be permitted to display on the person type being viewed and at least one role assigned to the logged-in user must also have access to the Forms tab permitted.2023-08-14 10_01_21-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Student Filter Enhancements

  • Adds multiple filters for Inquiry Form submissions
        • New filter fields allow users to choose the submitted form by name, when a form was submitted, and the interest on the form(s).
        • Form filters are enabled in Person Type Administration.
        • Adds the Forms Filter section to the Filter shortcuts. 2023-08-14 10_19_49-Settings.png
        • The form filter will return any person who has submitted all of the selected field types on the same form. For example, filter results may include any person that has submitted the exact form in the last 30 days with an intended program of X; or if no form is selected, all students that submitted any form with intended program X.                                   2023-08-14 10_10_09-Settings.png
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