Understanding SS&E Filter Logic


Most filter categories return results when criteria is found on different person records.

For example, filtering the Student Information category on a list of programs with a Cumulative GPA range will return students that have a GPA within the selected range on ANY of the programs.
----Ask Brian for help with examples-----

However, there are a few filter categories that return results only when ALL the selected criteria is found on the same exact person record. These are:

  • Application
  • Form
  • High School
  • Pipeline/Opportunities

In the above four categories, selected filter criteria values are grouped together using AND logic.

  • This means that records returned from the above filter groups must find all criteria on the same exact person record.
  • However, within a specific filter criteria field, multiple selections are related by OR.

For example, if a single form is selected with multiple programs selected on "Form - Submitted Programs Include":

  • A person who submitted the selected form with any of the listed programs will be included in the filter results.
  • However, if a program included in the filter criteria was submitted on a different form, those person records would not be included in the filter results, since they did not submit the program criteria on the selected form criteria.

Special Filter Groupings

In addition, the following categories also support grouping, in a slightly different manner:

  • Courses and Sections
  • Tags

Terms, Courses and Course Sections

  • IF a term is selected, the course/course section records will only be associated with the selected term.
  • If a term is NOT selected, then the course and course sections will be returned for all terms, without a specified term.

2023-09-23 08_08_43-.png

Tags Any/All

  • If Any is selected then the relationship between the selected tags is OR.
  • If All is selected then the relationship between the selected tags is AND.

2023-09-23 08_11_25-Settings.png

Application Filter Criteria

Click here for more information about Application Filter filter grouping.

Form Filter Criteria

Within the Form section, the selected criteria must have been received by a form submission.

  • Form data entered from the UI or any other way will NOT be searched upon by the form filter selections, and will not return matching person results.
  • The form filter will only search for matching data received via form submissions.

High School Filter Criteria

Click here for more information about High School Filter filter grouping.

Add an example in the article for filtering on a program with a certain GPA, any high school

Pipeline/Opportunities Filter Criteria


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