Student Learning & Licensure (System Administration Integrated) Release Notes for August 1, 2023 (Limited Release)

Ability to Copy and Archive Application template

Administrators can now create the copy of the application template, so that they can use similar template for a different organization or program. ‘Make a copy’ button will be displayed in the overflow menu for application template under the Application Templates sub tab.


Clicking the option will open the create template page with all the components copied from the original template. The default title of the copied template would be “Copy 1 of <name of the template>”. User can choose a different organization/program for the copy and save it.


Administrators will now be able to archive a template if they do not wish to use the template anymore. Such templates will not be used for future applications. “Archive” button will be displayed for the templates which are Published and used in distributed application.


Clicking the archive button, will open a modal window displaying the list of all open applications and future scheduled applications. User first need to close the applications before marking the template as archived. They can do so directly from the modal window. Clicking the “Close Applications and Archive” button will close the listed applications and then the template is archived.



All future schedules will be removed from such applications and on editing such applications for which student submissions exists, the templates will be displayed with an archived tag in a disabled form.



The “ Set Schedules “ card will also be hidden for such applications and user cannot open the application. On clicking the ‘Open Now’ button from the application list for such application, user will get a message


However, the applications for which the student submissions has been received yet, can still be opened by changing the archived template for them from the edit application page because for such application the template drop down is displayed in enabled form.


They can directly change and select any other template and open the application. As soon as they select a different template, the Set Schedules card will also start displaying and they can choose to set a schedule as well.


Users can also restore the archived template, if they wish to use the same template again. They can go to the Applications template sub tab, search for the archived template and select ‘Restore’ button from the overflow menu.


Clicking the “Restore” button will display a message


Clicking the “Restore Template” button will make template usable again. The status of the template will become “Published”.


User will get a different message if they try to archive a template which is in Published status but not associated with any application yet.



Ability to add new components to the application template and ability to mark the response as mandatory

Several new components have been added to the component list. Administrators can now add them while creating application template.


  • Date Selector- Users will be able to add date type component using this component. They can also mark it as required field by checking the checkbox “Make this response required to submit an application.”. This checkbox will be displayed for all the Student Input components.
  • Radio Button: They can add a radio button type field with options. Students can choose the appropriate option from the radio button options. The radio button component can have a maximum of 20 options. They can also mark the option as mandatory by checking off the checkbox “Make this response required to submit an application”.
  • Small text field: Administrators will also be able to select different content type for a small text field. They will see a drop down “Small Text Field Content Type” from where they can choose a content type for this field. They can also mark this field as required field by checking off the checkbox'Make this response required to submit an application'. They will see the following types in the drop down:-
    • Standard- This will act as a small text input field only.
    • Email- This will make the field an email field. Student users will get a validation error if they enter wrong email format.
    • Phone Number- users can enter numeric and dash( - ) in this field. Users can also see the default format in the field while previewing the template. Student users will also see the default format while filling the application. They will get validation error on entering invalid data.




Preview of the application

Student users will get proper validation errors on leaving the mandatory fields blank and also on entering invalid data in the fields like email and phone number etc.. Following are the validations that would be displayed to the students while saving/submitting the application.


Delete Application template

Administrators will also be able to delete the application template which are not in use. They will see a delete option in the overflow menu.


Clicking the delete button will display the following message


User can delete the template by clicking the Delete Button. The delete option will be removed from the overflow menu in case application template is used in any application. Such templates cannot be deleted.


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