Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for July 28, 2023 (9.5.0)


Prospect Management Enhancements

  • Adds an “Academic Interests” tab to the Edit Prospect page that allows permitted users to manually add or remove academic interest data from the prospect record.

  • The Academic Interest fields displayed on a prospect profile can be manually edited yet they will still be updated with any data received from subsequent inquiry form submissions. The available fields are:

      • Intended Start Term

      • Program Interest

      • Department Interest

2023-07-29 07_33_54-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png Inquiry Form Enhancements

  • Adds "Department Interest" to the optional Inquiry Form questions. Up to five departments can be selected on each inquiry form submission.
  • Adds Department Interest Include/Exclude to the Filter options. By default, this will not display and must be enabled in Person Type Administration.
  • Inquiry forms submitted with optional fields left empty will display on the UI with value "not provided".

2023-07-29 17_57_52-DEV - Student Success & Engagement_ 9.5.0 - Jira.png

Bug Fixes

  • Improves performance on Messages Report Source reporting
  • Fixes the Pipeline Change Stage Action that was sometimes hidden in the Pipeline List View
  • Fixes the phone number validation on inquiry forms and adds validation to phone numbers on the Edit Prospect Phones tab.
        • Phone numbers must be entered with 10 digits and display with format (XXX) XXX-XXXX

  • Fixes text messages not logging on the pipeline opportunity detail view when created with the Send SMS automation.


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