Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for July 14, 2023 (9.4.0)


Alert Enhancements

  • Increases the staff initiated alert reason description to 600 characters.

Prospect Entry Enhancements

  • “Person Id” is no longer required when manually adding an individual prospect and will be auto generated when left empty. If populated, no spaces or special characters are allowed.

  • Adds the following help text to the “Person Id” field on the individual prospect addition form:

      • "Limited to 25 characters. No spaces or special characters allowed. If no ID has been provided, a unique ID will be assigned to the prospect during the creation process."

  • Adds biographical information from a manual entry, inquiry form or CSV import to the prospect profile.

Inquiry Form Enhancements

  • Adds the following question options to an Inquiry Form:

      • Gender (select one from dropdown)

      • Race (select one from dropdown)

      • Ethnicity (select one from dropdown)

      • High School

      • Birthdate (enter as mm/dd/yyyy or select the month/day and manually update the year)

      • Phone

      • Address (Address line 1, Address line 2, City, State, Zip)

          • If address is required, all fields are required except address line 2.
          • If address is not required, and one field is filled in, all address fields must be populated except address line 2.
      • Paragraph and Short Answer
          • Short Answers can collect free text responses up to 100 characters (with spaces).
          • Paragraphs can collect free text responses up to 5000 characters (with spaces). 
          • Only Short answer and Paragraph fields may be added multiple times to a form.
          • Short answer and Paragraph field responses cannot be searched or filtered upon.
          • Short answer and Paragraph fields replace the former Message field.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the Message Reply Send action from the message menu bar.
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