Student Success & Engagement Release Notes for June 9, 2023 (9.0.0)


Messaging Enhancements

Outbound Email Attachments

Outbound email attachments may now be optionally attached directly to an email as a downloadable file from the recipient’s email client inbox. Previously, outbound email attachments could only display as a link, directing the user to log into SS&E in order to view the attachment.

  • A checkbox allowing users to “Include attachment files directly in the email” displays below the message body on the message form. If permitted (by role) and selected, the outbound message will include the attachment file in the sent message so that users that are not set up within SS&E, such as prospects, can view and download the attachment from within their email client.
  • When left unchecked, the message body will only display a link that will take the user into SS&E to view the attachment within SS&E. This is unchanged behavior. 
  • By design, sending messages with attachment links is faster than sending messages that include attachment files in the outbound message. For better performance, we recommend including attachment files in the sent message only when it is likely that the recipient cannot access SS&E.


Inbound Email Attachments

When this feature is enabled in Institution Administration, any user replying to an SS&E message from within their email client can add an attachment that can be viewed and downloaded from within SS&E. 

  • The message attachments will display in the sender's email client on the sent message.
  • Within SS&E, inbound message attachment(s) will appear on the recipient’s message as an icon that users can click on to view and download the file.

Bulk Messaging Performance Improvements

  • This release will enable SS&E to send messages in bulk more performantly, decreasing the wait time for message delivery.

Click here to learn more about the above Messaging Enhancements.

Pipeline Enhancements

Pipeline Automations

Pipeline Stages can optionally include any of the following configurable pipeline automations that will apply to pipeline stage opportunities in order of appearance. 

  • Send Email - Send an email to an opportunity
  • Send SMS - Send a SMS to an opportunity
  • Change Stage - Change the stage of an opportunity
  • Enroll in Campaign - Enroll an opportunity in a campaign
  • Wait for Message - Wait for the opportunity person to send a message to the specified recipient. Automations after this will not execute until a message is sent to the recipient criteria.
  • Wait for Survey - Wait for a specific survey to be completed by the opportunity person. Automations after this will not execute until a survey matching the criteria is completed.
  • Wait for Application - Wait for an application from the opportunity person, optionally matching specified criteria such as term and program. Automations after this will not execute until the opportunity’s application matches the specified criteria.
  • Wait for Enrollment - Wait for an enrollment from the opportunity person. Automations after this will not execute until the opportunity’s enrollment data matches the specified criteria.
  • Change Assigned Person - Change the current assignee on an opportunity
  • Send Survey - Send a survey to an opportunity

Currently, Pipeline Automations can only be enabled via a feature flag in Institution Administration that is accessible to any Watermark user login. To start using Pipeline Automations, please reach out to your CSM to coordinate activation.

To learn more about pipelines, click here.

For more information about Pipeline Automations, click here.

Predict Enhancements

Predict widgets for Student Retention, Student Persistence, and Course Completion have been updated to utilize standardized Student Populations in the widget dropdowns.

  • The student population changes allow institutions to see overall performance metrics for a specific group of students within each widget.
  • The standardized student population groups are: Post Secondary students, Post Baccalaureate students, High School students, Continuing Education students, Non-Traditional Post Secondary students, and Special Credit students.

For more information about Student Retention, Student Persistence, and Course Completion widgets, click here

Prospect Management Enhancements

Inquiry Forms

Student Success and Engagement's new Inquiry Form capability will support seamless information capture from prospective students. The form may be embedded on an institution's website and will soon be available as a shareable QR code, allowing prospective students to signal interest or request further information.

  • The SS&E Inquiry Form allows recruiters and advisors to efficiently collect information on multiple prospects and quickly respond to inbound leads. Furthermore, SS&E automations can maximize recruiter impact by automating replies and placing prospective students into communication campaigns and recruitment pipelines.
  • In addition, SS&E will automatically create a person record of the prospect, funneling them directly into the system so they will be ready once admitted and supported throughout all stages of their academic journey.
  • While the inquiry form can be created by institutions of all levels, the form is intended to be used by Enterprise/CRM customers. The data can only be accessed through person types and department apps appropriate to prospect management. For more information about the SS&E Enterprise/CRM level, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

In the upcoming months, keep a look out for new inquiry form feature releases such as additional fields, additional filtering options, custom styling options, custom field labels and more.

To learn more about inquiry form features, click here.

For more information about how to configure and set up an inquiry form, click here

Automated Duplicate Detection (Deduplication)

Automated Duplicate Detection, eg. Deduplication, helps prevent duplicate person records from being created in SS&E as prospects are entered into the system.

  • Prospects can be entered into the system via an Inquiry Form, a bulk prospect CSV file or an individual prospect record entry,
  • Only prospect person types are allowed to be merged into another record or deleted. Merged prospects can only merge with another prospect, applicant or student person type record.

Currently, Automated Duplicate Detection can only be enabled via a feature flag in Institution Administration that is accessible to any Watermark user login. To start using Duplicate Detection, please reach out to your CSM to coordinate activation.

For more information about how to configure deduplication, click here


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