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The SS&E Inquiry Form can be used to gather information from prospective students

The purpose of the inquiry form is to allow prospective students an easy way to reach out to an institution to express interest in certain programs and/or request additional information.

The inquiry form will automatically populate inputted data within SS&E so that staff, recruiters and advisors can quickly respond to prospects and manage prospective students within SS&E. This important information will stay on the person record as they move through the application and enrollment process.

  • Once activated, an inquiry form can be accessed by a shareable browser link, an embedded link, or a a scannable QR code that can be downloaded and shared with prospective students or added directly into an institution's website.
  • In addition, upcoming releases will support additional fields, filtering, styling options, and custom field labels.
  • When applicable, data submitted from an inquiry form will create a new prospect person record within SS&E.
  • SS&E automations can maximize the institution's impact by placing prospective students into communication campaigns and/or recruitment pipelines.
  • With the exception of Paragraph and Short Answer, fields may only appear once on an indivdual inquiry form.

While the inquiry form can be created by institutions of all levels, the inquiry form is intended to be used by Enterprise level customers to access submitted form data while utilizing Prospect Management.

For more information about SS&E Enterprise, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Inquiry Form Permissions

The following permissions must be enabled in order to allow users to use and/or view inquiry form data within SS&E:

Person Type Administration

  • On the person type Profile settings, enable the Forms Tab.
  • On the person type Profile Features settings, enable any of the following settings:
      • Show Intended Programs On Profile
      • Show Intended Terms On Profile
      • Show Interested Departments On Profile
  • On the person type Search Filters settings, enable inquiry form related filter options to display in Student Information and/or Form Group filter criteria options, further explained here.

Roles Administration - Role Based Settings

  • Forms - "Can Manage Forms" - This will allow any staff user to create or edit inquiry forms.
      • In order for the permission setting to take immediate affect, log out and log back in.


  • Profile Tabs (Full Profile View) - "Can See Forms Tab" will display the Forms tab on a person record in a full profile view.
  • Profile Tabs (Limited Profile View) - "Show Forms Tab" will display the Forms tab on a person record in a limited profile view.

For more information about Full Profile View/Limited Profile View settings, click here.

Create an Inquiry Form

Inquiry forms are created from SS&E Admin -> Forms Administration, found here.

  • First, form permissions must be assigned to any role that is allowed to create and edit forms. After enabling Forms role permissions, users must log out and log back in for the permission to take affect and for Forms Administration to appear.
  • To open the Forms Administration URL in your system, replace YourInstitution with the name that displays before avisoapp in your SS&E URL, further explained here.

How to create a new Inquiry Form

  1. From Forms Administration, select +New to add a new form.
  2. Enter the form Title.
    • The form title is required for internal use only, it will not display on the form itself.
    • The title should be descriptive so that you and others can easily differentiate between inquiry forms.
  3. Enter the form Headline and optional Subtitle. The headline is required and is always visible on the published form. The subtitle is not required, yet if entered, will display underneath the headline.
    • The maximum headline length is 50 characters.
    • The maximum subtitle length is 100 characters.
  4. Select an optional Prospect Source.
    • Prospect sources are used to determine how a prospect record was created and how that prospect was first engaged with by your organization.
    • Prospect Sources can help identify how/when/where a certain prospect was targeted.
    • To view or add a new prospect source, click here.
  5. Add and/or reorder the form fields, aka questions, that will appear on the individual inquiry form.
    • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are required questions that will always appear on an inquiry form. They can be reordered yet cannot be removed.
    • Click here to view additional questions that can optionally be added to an inquiry form as listed below.
  6.   Optionally change the form's color scheme using the Styling tab.
  7. Select Save to save the inquiry form. As long as the form is saved and not activated, it can still be edited before being shared.
  8. The form View mode will appear and display the form Info and Preview sections.
  9. By default, every new inquiry form will be saved as Active = No. An inactive form can still be edited, yet it cannot be used/shared to gather prospect data. In order to use/share/embed an inquiry form, it must first be activated.

2024-01-02 09_28_11-.png

2024-01-02 09_20_14-.png

Inquiry Form Questions

The following questions are currently available to be included on an inquiry form. See below for further details about many questions.

Required Information:

  • First Name (required)
  • Last Name (required)
  • Email Address (required)

Biological Information:

  • Birth Date
  • Ethnicity (select one from dropdown)
  • Gender (select one from dropdown)
  • High School (select one from dropdown)
  • Race (select one from dropdown)

Contact Information:

  • Address
  • Middle Name
  • Phone

Academic Interest Information:

  • Department Interest
  • Intended Start Date
  • Program Interest

Free Text Information:

  • Paragraph
  • Short Answer


  • The address fields are: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip
  • Select a State from the dropdown
  • For Zip, users can enter 5 digits or 9 digits
  • If address is marked as required, then all fields are required except address line 2

  • If address is not required, yet one address field is filled in, the remaining address fields are required  with the exception of address line 2

Birth Date

  • Enter the date as mm/dd/yyyy or select a month/day from the calendar icon and update the year



High School

  • Select one from dropdown
  • Values are imported from the SIS on the High School data import


  • Ten digits are required
  • Formatting is not required; as long as there are ten numbers the system will add a ten digit phone number to the prospect record


Intended Start Term

The Intended Start Term question will prompt users to select a term. Users can start typing to search for a term.

  • Only one term can be selected.
  • If an invalid term is entered the system will display "No results found".
  • To remove the selected term and start over, use the x on the far right.
  • The Interested Start Term dropdowns in the generated form contain all current and future terms for the next 3 years.

Program Interest

The Program Interest question will prompt users to select up to five program(s) from a list of programs displayed in alphabetical order. Users can start typing to search for a specific program.

  • To remove an individual program use the individual program x.
  • To remove all program selections and start over, use the x on the far right.
  • Only active programs imported from the SIS system on the Program data feed are available. Inactive programs will not be included in the program interest values.
      • Active programs can be viewed from Program Administration, as seen here.

Department Interest

The Department Interest question will prompt users to select up to five department(s) from a list of departments displayed in alphabetical order. Users can start typing to search for a specific department.

  • To remove an individual department use the individual program x.
  • To remove all department selections and start over, use the x on the far right.
  • Only active departments imported from the SIS system on the Department data feed are available. Inactive departments will not be included in the department interest values.
      • Active departments can be viewed from the Department data feed Imported Data View, filtering on Active "True", as seen here.


  • May be added to the same inquiry form multiple times
  • Use to collect free text responses up to 5000 characters (including spaces)
  • Responses on this field cannot be searched or filtered upon

Short Answer

  • May be added to the same inquiry form multiple times
  • Use to collect free text responses up to 100 characters (including spaces)
  • Responses on this field cannot be searched or filtered upon

How to use an Inquiry Form

In order to use an inquiry form to gather prospective student data, the form must first be activated and then shared.

  • Once a form is active, students will be able to access and submit the form, however an active form CANNOT be edited.

To activate and share an inquiry form:

  1. Select an Inactive form
  2. Verify that the form design is complete
  3. Select Activate from the top action bar
  4. Select "Ok" on the prompt "Are you sure you want to activate this form"? 2023-06-09
  5. Select Share (formerly "Publish") to copy the specific inquiry form as a shareable link, an embeddable link, or a QR code that can be added into the institution's website. 2023-09-05 09_56_04-Settings.png
    • The QR Code tab will display an image of the QR code that links to the Inquiry Form URL.
        • SS&E will display a Download button beneath the QR Code image on all browsers.
        • SS&E will also display a Copy button beneath the QR Code image on supported browsers.

How to Edit an Inquiry Form

An inquiry form can only be edited when Active is set to No.

  • To edit an inquiry form, choose a form that is not active and select "Edit".
  • Select "Save" to exit Edit mode.

As long as the form is not active, all values can be edited.

  • All questions can be re-ordered
  • Additional questions can be added
  • All fields except First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are not required by default and can be removed.

In addition, in Form Edit Mode:

  • The inquiry form question labels that display on the form can be customized by each individual institution.
  • Additional questions besides the default required fields can be set as required by each individual institution.
  • All required fields will display with a red asterisk on the form preview and in published/shared mode.
      • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are always required by default.
      • Each individual institution can decide if any additional fields are required.

Copy Form

To copy a form, select any form, active or inactive, and select Copy from the top action bar.

Forms Administration

Once forms are created, they will appear in Forms Administration with the following headers:

  • Form Title
  • Form Type (Inquiry Form is currently the only SS&E form type)
  • Created By
  • Created On
  • Modified By
  • Modified On
  • Active Yes/No

Select any form from the forms list to view the Form Info and Form Preview.

  • If the inquiry form is active, then you will be able to share the form accessibility links.
  • If the inquiry form is not active, then you will have the option to edit or activate/publish and share the form.



Inquiry Form Submission

  • When a prospective student submits data on an inquiry form, any new email address that is not found in SS&E will create a new prospect person record in SS&E.
  • If the email address is already found in SS&E, then the form submission will add the form data to the existing person profile and forms tab.

Once a form is submitted it cannot be edited or removed. If the prospective student changes their mind and wants to send different answers, they will need to submit a new form.

Within SS&E, the prospect profile will display all submitted form values without displaying duplicates. The forms tab will display all forms submitted by the prospect person.

Inquiry Form Filters and Reporting

In Person Type Administration, there are options that enable inquiry form related filter options in the Forms section and the Student Information section.

When enabled in Person Type Administration, these form related filters can be used to created different groups that users can take actions on by using the Filter bulk action menu.

  • Click here to view detailed information about form related filters.
  • Click here to learn more about inquiry form features.
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