Downloading Submission Contents

The sensitive nature of review materials may be an important topic for your institution. An institution can thus enable or disable the ability for process participants (candidates and reviewers) to download the contents of a submission via a General Work Request submitted by the institution's Faculty Success Administrator.

If your institution allows you to download submission contents, you can utilize the download option to review materials outside of Faculty Success for offline viewing. The ability to download a submission will be available from the following places of the Workflow utility:

  • When viewing a submission a download button (Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 1.14.03 AM.png) will be visible in the upper right corner of the submission.
    Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 1.11.57 AM.png
  • When viewing a submission via the History table you can download a submission by clicking on the facing down arrow in the ACTIONS column and selecting "Download."
              Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 1.16.48 AM.png
  • If you have access to the Submission Table, a submission can be downloaded by navigating to the ACTIONS column and selecting "Download" to obtain the submission's contents.

When you choose to download a submission, a prompt will appear directing you to specify the download format. This prompt displays two download formats for the submission, each with its own retrieval method. The specifics of these download processes for each format are provided below.

  • Download submission for online viewing:

    • An HTML file will be automatically downloaded to your computer, which when accessed will replicate how a user would see the submission while online.
    • To view or download uploaded documents, you must be logged in or have an active Faculty Success session.
    • This format is best suited for reviewers who do not need access to uploaded files, as it reduces download size significantly.
  • Download submission with files to my computer:
    • A single zip file will be automatically downloaded to your computer, containing:
      • An HTML file that replicates how a user would see the submission while online.

      • A sub-folder for each step containing reports and file attachments added to that step, beginning with the first step (Step00), which is the Candidate step that initiated the review process.

    • Viewing the attachments does not require access to the uploaded documents, however, to access the file links in a report, an active Faculty Success session or login is required.



Bulk Downloading 

Bulk download allows Workflow Administrators and users with the appropriate permission level to the Submission Table to download submissions in bulk within their purview. To download multiple submissions at once, click the "Bulk Download" button from the Submission Table. 


When you click the "Bulk Download" button, a small window appears that informs you of the number of files you are about to download and allows you to choose one of the two file formats listed below.


  • Each submission contains links to stored files:
    • This option is similar to "Download submission for online viewing," in that it downloads an HTML link to how the submission appears to you.
  • Each submission in a file folder with copies of stored files included:
    • A zip file of each submission will be provided, similar to "Download submission with files to my computer."

After selecting the file format, click the "Download" button to receive an email with a download link. Please allow enough time for the system to compile the download for you as bulk download with a large number of submissions will require more time. 

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