Faculty Success Data in Leader Insights

What is Leader Insights?

Leader Insights is a centralized dashboard experience for campus leaders to understand progress, success, and improvement from across Watermark products. The initial adopters are Leaders whose institutions use Planning & Self-Study as Leader Insights currently lives within Watermark’s Planning & Self-Study. 

For more information on all of Leader Insights, please see the article: Understanding Leader Insights 

For instructions on how to access Leader Insights as either an Administrator or a top-level Lead, please see the article: Accessing Leader Insights

Once in the Insights area, you will see areas along the top containing different categories of data. The areas you see will depend on which tools you have that are integrated in the Watermark Suite. In this example, you can see Institution, Continuous Improvement, Faculty, Students, and Labor Market. 

Faculty Success insights are found within the Faculty area.


Your Leader Insights Dashboard

Institution Insights Area

Scholarship Summary for an Academic Year

Users have the ability to see faculty accomplishment summaries.

The Scholarship Summary widget contains the following information:

  1. Total Accomplishments - The number of accomplishments counted within the academic year. Academic year date range is dictated by Planning and Self-Study reporting years
  2. Accomplishments by Scholarship Category - The number of accomplishments for each scholarship screen*. The scholarship screens included are: Presentations;  Contracts, Fellowships, Grants & Sponsored Research; Intellectual Property; Publications; and Artistic & Professional Performances & Exhibits. 

Screenshot of the Scholarship Summary widget in Insights. Shows total accomplishments in the left portion and accomplishments by scholarship category bar chart in the remaining area.


If you have linking enabled for records in your Faculty Success system, linked records are counted as a single record for the Scholarship Summary.

If you have questions about your results, you can review records directly in your Faculty Success system or contact support.

*Screen modifications made to these screens may impact the Scholarship summary results.

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