Course Evaluations & Surveys Data in Leader Insights

Understanding Course Evaluation & Survey Data in Leader Insights

What is Leader Insights?

Leader Insights is a centralized dashboard experience for campus leaders to understand progress, success, and improvement from across Watermark products. The initial adopters are Leaders whose institutions use Planning & Self-Study as Leader Insights currently lives within Watermark’s Planning & Self-Study.

Once in the Insights area, you will see tabs across the top containing different categories of data. The areas you see will depend on which tools you have that are integrated in the Watermark Suite. In this example, you can see Institution, Continuous Improvement, Students, and Labor Market


Your Leader Insights Dashboard

Institutions utilizing the integration between Planning & Self Study and Course Evaluations & Surveys will be able to reference an widget in their Leader Insights dashboard. This widget will include the response rates of course evaluation projects, and will enable the institution to highlight response rate trends by referencing the average response rate across all previous course evaluation projects that use the same main survey. Additionally, institutions can also view the difference in response rate for a previous course evaluation that used the same main survey.

The Course Evaluations response rate widget contains:

  1. Course Evaluations - Select the project that you want to focus in the widget. The project name, status (In progress or Ended) with the Project start and end date will be displayed when a project has been select. Leader insights will only displays In Progress or Completed Projects that are Course Evaluations. General surveys will not be displayed.

  2. Overall Response Rate & Tracker - Shows respondents and no respondents from the selected project in percentage.

  3. Response Rate Trends - Is showing how the selected projects response rates is compared to all projects using the same survey (Matching on Main Survey ID) and how the selected project has done compared to the most recent project that uses the same survey.

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