Planning & Self Study Data in Leader Insights


To locate the Planning & Self Study widgets in Leader Insights, begin by navigating to the Leader Insights dashboard. Steps for this can be accessed by clicking HERE

Upon entering the Insights area, you will see separate categories listed along the top of the page. Depending on the Watermark platforms that your institution is using, these can include "Institution", "Continuous Improvement", and/or "Students".


Widgets displaying data specifically from Planning & Self-Study are located under the "Institution" and "Continuous Improvement" headings.


Institution Insights

The "Mission & Outcomes Definition" widget

This widget will display the percentage of organizations in your hierarchy that have created a Mission Statement, Learning Outcomes, or Success Outcomes. It will also show the percentage of organizations that have mapped their own Outcomes to the Institutional Outcome set. 

You can also click on the bar graph to receive a Count. 


In the screenshot above, you will also see the link to drill down further into the data. This will present an organization-by-organization view of the data, such as seen below:


Note that this widget will display data relevant to Organizations, Programs, or Courses, for which there is a toggle.


For the purposes of this widget, consider "Organizations" to be all areas of the hierarchy that sit above Programs, i.e. Schools, Departments, etc. 


The "Programs Mapped to Institutional Learning Outcomes" Widget

While the "Mission and Outcomes Definition" widget will display organizational progress in mapping to the Institutional Learning Outcomes, the "Programs Mapped to Institutional Learning Outcomes" widget will display this data disaggregated to show progress against INDIVIDUAL ILOs. 


This widget also supports the ability to drill-down further into the data to display data for specific organizations. 


Continuous Improvement Insights

The "Participation in Assessment Planning" Widget

With this widget, users can review participation in Assessment Plans for a given academic year. It will display data relevant to a specific Assessment Plan, which can be selected from a "Plan" dropdown at the top of the widget. Users will find the number of Organizations, Programs, or Courses that are included in the selected Plan, as well as a Count of organizations that are in a status of Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. 

There is also the option to drill down for information regarding participation by program, or to email assigned program leads.


Users may also navigate directly to the Assessment Plan in Planning & Self Study by clicking on the “View more” link in the lower-right corner of the widget. In the screenshot above, the link reads "View more 2022-2023 Academic Plan Insights".

It is also possible to toggle between Plans from different Academic Years by selecting the appropriate Academic year from the drop-down menu in the top-right of the "Continuous Improvement" page.








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