Understanding the Leader Insights Dashboard

From within the Leader Insights dashboard, a user can review essential results from their Institution’s data, as well as interact and drill into data visualizations. 


Please Note: The Leader Insights navigational areas will vary in appearance, as the Insights that appear for an institution are contingent upon the Watermark Solutions that the institution uses.


The navigational areas in your dashboard may include the following: 


Within the Institution area users have the ability to monitor which programs or organizations are making progress articulating their mission, outcomes, and maps and which organizations might need a nudge. These insights are currently affiliated with the Planning & Self-Study solution. Current widgets include: 

  • Mission & Outcomes Definition: View the progress Organizations, Programs, and Courses are making with defining their mission, outcomes, outcome alignment, and curriculum maps
  • Programs Mapped to Institutional Learning Outcomes: Identify which programs have created alignment to the Institutional Learning Outcomes. To inspire dialogue, the widget contains a drill-down from where program Leads can be reached out to. 



Continuous Improvement

Within the Continuous Improvement area leaders have the ability to monitor continuous improvement activity related to past or upcoming years with insights from Planning & Self-Study, Student Learning & Licensure, and Course Evaluations & Surveys. If your institution does not license these solutions, the respective widgets will not be present.  Current widgets available include: 

  • Organizational Participation in Assessment Planning: Quickly understand participation in the assessment plan for the current academic year, and drill in to see status by program. These insights are currently affiliated with the Planning & Self-Study solution.
  • Course Evaluation Response Rates: Understand the high level progress of student course engagement and satisfaction, and evaluate how the current response rate compares to previous course evaluations as a benchmark for comparison.  These insights are currently affiliated with the Course Evaluations & Surveys solution.
  • Learning Assessment Progress: View the progress the institution is making in gathering authentic evidence of student learning. These insights are currently affiliated with the Student Learning & Licensure solution.





Within the Student area users can understand and respond to new or escalated challenges to student success in the selected term. These insights are currently affiliated with the Student Success & Engagement solution. Current widgets include: 

  • Term Overview: View student term enrollment alongside overall Predictive Risk Averages for Course Completion and Term Persistence. 
  • Course Completion and Term Persistence Risk & Engagement Summary Widgets: Understand the proportion of students by risk category and where your institution is prioritizing engagement efforts for students at risk. 
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