Faculty Success Release Notes for March 21, 2023

The first release for joint appointments in Reviews, Promotion and Tenure is here! With this enhancement, we are also introducing digest emails for reviewers and improved tools for managing Role Groups in Schedules.

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure

New Features

Automatically Add Joint Appointment Reviewers as Ad-Hoc Committee Members

Reviews, Promotion and Tenure has historically assigned reviewers based solely on a candidate’s primary appointment. There are some cases, however, where a candidate needs to be reviewed by multiple supervisors or department heads. With this change, we will share all appointment data from Faculty Accomplishments with RPT and enable Schedules to be configured to include all reviewers associated with a candidate’s units.

This first iteration to support joint appointments will add non-primary reviewers as ad-hoc committee members. To do this, a Schedule should be enabled for Joint Appointments, and applicable committee steps should have non-primary administrative reviewers added as ad-hoc committee members via an Administrative Reviewer Role Group.

Alongside these changes to Schedules, we have updated the flow of this screen to better enable administrators to focus on groups of configuration settings rather than all of them at once.


Role Group Visibility in Schedules

Schedules pull a lot of RPT data together into one place, and it is beneficial to be able to see settings that will be applied before actually confirming your schedule. This change will introduce a "View Role Group" link below the selection fields on schedule steps, enabling you to view a selected role group from within the schedule itself. Once the schedule is confirmed, the link will update to "View Reviewers" and all reviewers saved from a Role Group to a Schedule at launch will now be displayed.

All reviewers saved from a Role Group to a Schedule at launch will now be displayed. This change ensures that potential reviewers and actual reviewers both display and can be modified using Edit Reviewers, enabling you to add candidates that matter for the schedule, regardless of the candidates that were included at launch.

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