How to View SS&E Support Articles


To view ALL SS&E articles in the Watermark Help Center, Student Success & Engagement users should access the Watermark Help Center by logging in from the SS&E application.

  • Many SS&E articles can only be accessed by users that are logged in through the product.
  • If a support article link opens on the Watermark website/homepage, and the article linked from the support ticket is not found, this indicates that you are not logged in to SS&E.
  • To find a linked article, first log in to SS&E and then click on the support article links.

How to login to search SS&E Support Articles

To reach the Watermark Help Center:

  1. Login to SS&E (using your institution's SSO)
  2. From the top right corner, click on the logged-in user profile picture to open a dropdown menu
  3. Select Support from the logged-in user profile menu to access the Watermark Help Center
  4. The Watermark Help Center will open on the Student Success & Engagement main page that lists all of the SS&E Support article categories
  5. Logging in this way from within SS&E will allow users to search on ALL of the SS&E articles and view results from all SS&E articles included in the Watermark Help Center.


2023-08-11 07_41_48-Settings.png

  • Selecting the question mark icon “?” in the top right corner of SS&E will land on the SS&E Release Notes section within the SS&E News & Updates category.  From here, you can view the latest release notes or browse and search for other topics in the Watermark Help Center.
  • Selecting "Support" from the logged-in user's profile picture dropdown menu will land on the main page of the SS&E knowledge base in the Watermark Help Center. From here, you can view all SS&E categories and sections to search or browse/select any section to view the support articles included within the section.

How to search the SS&E Knowledge Base

Once authenticated via institutional SSO into Student Success & Engagement, this will allow access to all articles included in the Watermark Help Center for all Watermark products.

  • Searching on the Student Success & Engagement main page will return results from within all the SS&E knowledge base category sections.
  • Searching the help center from any other page will display results for all Watermark products listed on the left side of the results by category (eg. product).

2023-08-11 08_01_22-Student Success & Engagement – Watermark.png


Search Example

For example, searching for the word "login" from the SS&E main page found 80 results within the SS&E Support articles:

2023-08-11 08_04_00-Settings.png

Searching for the word "login" from any other page in the Watermark Help Center will return results across all products by default.

  • On the results page, select the Student Success & Engagement category from the left side to only view a list of SS&E article results.

2023-08-11 08_07_47-Settings.png


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