Aviso Support to Watermark Support Transition


We're excited to take the next step and move Aviso Retention's Support Ticketing and Support Knowledge Base to the Watermark Help Center and support systems!

The screens may look a bit different, but everything from the client perspective is staying the same or being improved upon!

Here are some examples of the updates:

  • The color scheme is changing from Aviso blue to Watermark purple
  • The Aviso Retention support site URL is being updated to Watermark Insights
  • The SS&E Knowledge Base support article formatting will follow the Watermark Help Center style (font, colors, etc.)
  • The SS&E Knowledge Base content has moved to the Watermark Help Center SS&E Knowledge Base section

Quick Links

For instructions on how to access SS&E Support Articles / SS&E Knowledge Base from the Watermark Help Center, click here.

For instructions on how to view and submit SS&E Support Tickets, click here.

Quick Start Summary:

To open a new SS&E Support ticket in the Watermark ticketing system:

  1. From within SS&E, select "Support" from your user photo/initials drop down menu in the top right corner of the UI.
  2. You will land on the main SS&E page in the Watermark Help Center.
    • Note: To search for support articles only within the SS&E product, you must search from the main SS&E help center page.
  3. Click on "Submit a Request" to enter a support ticket via web form from the top right or the bottom center of any help center page.
    • Please be sure to select the Student Success & Engagement product so that your ticket is promptly directed to the Watermark SS&E Support team!

What is going to change?

  • Any New, Open, and Pending tickets will be re-entered into the Watermark Support system by 1/27/2023 so that all communication will continue on these tickets in the Watermark Support ticketing system.
  • All Tickets will be closed in the Aviso Ticketing System by 1/27/2023.
  • If you respond to a ticket that has not yet been closed in the Aviso Support system, this will create a new ticket in the Watermark ticketing system that we will respond to.

How to view Student Success & Engagement Release Notes

To stay up to date on SS&E releases:

  • Select the question mark icon in the top right corner of SS&E to view the most current SS&E Release Notes/open the SS&E release notes article from the Watermark Help Center.


How to view your Aviso Support Historical Tickets

What is the best way to reach the SS&E Support Team?

The best way to contact Support is via Web Form that can be accessed by selecting "Support" from your profile picture dropdown menu within Student Success & Engagement.


  • Selecting "Support" will open the Watermark Help Center Student Success & Engagement Knowledge Base. This is a 24/7 accessible knowledge base with SS&E support information.
  • There is a "Submit a Request" button on the top right as well as the bottom center of each Help Center page which will open the Watermark Support ticket entry web form. The same web form can be used both for SS&E Support ticket entry and/or SS&E knowledge base article feedback.
  • Selecting the question mark in SS&E will open the most recent SS&E Release Notes article in the SS&E knowledge base/Watermark Help Center. From this page you may also "Submit a Request" to enter a support ticket/contact SS&E Support.

For more information about SS&E support ticket entry, the following section reviews step by step instructions, along with screenshots.

For more information about submitting SS&E article feedback, click here.

How to Submit a Ticket for Watermark SS&E Support

To submit a support ticket:

1. Click "Submit A Request" from the top right or the bottom center of any Watermark Help Center page.


2. The Support Ticket Entry Web Form will appear. 

Fill out the fields, ensuring that you’ve selected “Student Success & Engagement” from the “Which Watermark product are you using?” dropdown:

  • Optional fields display with [optional] beside the field name.
  • All other fields are required.


3. The Support ticket will be automatically route to a skilled agent on our Support Team.


How to View Your Support Tickets

Users who have accessed the Help Center through SS&E can view a list of their new Watermark support ticket requests by clicking on their profile picture icon from the top right and clicking "My activities":


Support Requests

Under "My activities", support tickets will display under the "Requests" tab on two separate tabs:

  • My requests - You, the logged-in user, created the ticket or are assigned as the requestor 
  • Requests I'm CC'd on - Tickets where you, the logged-in user, are CC'd on the ticket

On each tab, support tickets will display the following information:

  • The support ticket ID number
  • The ticket subject
  • When the ticket was created
  • When was the last activity on the ticket
  • The ticket status

Filters include:

  • Search requests
  • Filter by ticket status


Following WHC Support Articles

Under "My activities", use the "Following" tab to stay up to date on Watermark Student Success & Engagement knowledge base articles and/or sections that you are following.


How to access the Watermark Help Center

Customers will be able to access the SS&E knowledge base from the Watermark Help Center by logging in from the SS&E application.


  • Selecting the help icon “?” in the top right corner will land on the most current SS&E Release Notes article within the SS&E knowledge base in the Watermark Help Center.  From here, you can view the latest release notes or browse and search for other topics in the Watermark Help Center.
  • Selecting "Support" from the SS&E profile picture dropdown menu will land on the main page of the SS&E knowledge base in the Watermark Help Center. From here, you can view all SS&E categories and sections, and search or browse/select any section to view the support articles included within each section.

Once authenticated via SSO into the Watermark Help Center, users will land on the main Student Success & Engagement page that shows all the SS&E knowledge base category sections. 



Customers can also search for Student Success & Engagement support articles from the search bar at the top of the main SS&E page. 

  • When searching from the main SS&E page, search results will automatically only include articles from the SS&E category sections, and exclude results from other Watermark products.

SS&E Article Feedback

Once the Student Success & Engagement product is selected on the ticket entry web form, there will be a question asking if you used a support article.

If your answer is "Yes", there will be an additional area for feedback or comments about the help center article(s). If possible, when providing input, please include the following information:

  • The article URL or article title
  • Comments or feedback about the specified article

We very much appreciate your on-going feedback as we strive to create high quality articles that provide answers to most questions about SS&E features and functions so that you can stay focused on student success! 

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