Creating Standards

Note: The information in this article only applies to institutions integrated with System Administration. If your institution is not integrated with System Administration and you would like further information please contact your Watermark Client Success Manager (CSM).

The Standards tab is used to create and view standards.  Standards are concise and specific descriptions of an organization’s expectations of and goals for its students. Standards can be aligned with rubrics to allow correlations to be made between these defined expectations and student performance. A standard set contains a group of standards that are related to each other. To create a standard, a standard set must first be created to contain individual standards.


To create a standard set:

1. Navigate to the organization or program for which the standards will be added

2. Click the Standards tab

3. Click the New Standard Set button


4. In the Set Title text field, enter a title for the standard set


5. In the Set Abbreviation text field, enter an abbreviation for the set

6. Click the Save button


To create a standard:

1. From the Standards tab, click the carat next to the standard set to which you’d like to add a standard


2. Click Create New Standard
3. In the Standard Title text field, enter a title for the standard
4. In the Standard Identifier text field, enter an identifier for the standard
5. In the Standard Description text field, enter a description of the standard
6. Click the Save button


7. Repeat the above steps for each standard

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