Accepting a Next Kiosk Meeting Request

Accept a Meeting Request

The following steps explain how to accept a meeting request in Student Success & Engagement:

  1. On the Student’s Profile page, locate the “MEET REQ(1)” link located above your student caseload list, below the search/filter input box. 
  2. The # within the parenthesis indicates the number of open meeting requests you have.
    • Click on this link to open the Meeting Request view.

Note: the following screenshots are from an older Aviso system and are in the process of being updated to Watermark SS&E.


Meeting Request View

The Meeting Request View allows you to see:

  • How long students have been waiting in the meeting queue
  • The number of students requesting to meet with just you
  • The number of students requesting meetings for all of the individuals currently assigned to a specific queue (labeled “All”). 

The Meeting Request View also allows you to toggle your “Availability” between on and off. 

  • This toggle is used to show and hide your information as an option for students to select when requesting meetings.


To accept a Meeting Request, simply click on the  icon to accept the meeting with a student.  The following dialog box will appear:


Click “OK” to accept the meeting and assign it to the first available staff member in the queue.


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