Student Learning & Licensure (System Administration Integrated) Release Notes for December 20, 2022 (Limited Release)

Note: The information in this article only applies to institutions integrated with System Administration. If your institution is not integrated with System Administration and you would like further information please contact your Watermark Client Success Manager (CSM).

Navigating the New Admin Experience

What’s New?

  • We’ve moved some things around
    • To improve the navigation experience and organization of content in Student Learning & Licensure, we have created two new tabs in the side-navigation, exclusively for administrators. These new tabs, Academics & Offices and Settings aim to reduce the need for administrators to toggle between their faculty view and their admin view (i.e., Classic Admin located in the waffle icon)
  • Enhanced filtering for the Activity Template listing for course sections
  • Internship Features Toggle: Easily enable Mentor Notifications and Time Logs for future course sections; allows for all new sections added to a course to have Mentor Notifications and Time Logs enabled by default

The first iteration of the New Admin Experience includes two new tabs Academics & Offices and Settings. The Academics & Offices tab contains your organizational hierarchy. To expand your organizational hierarchy, select the carat next to the organization. 


To manage Admins for organizations or programs, select “Assign Leads” or select the name listed. Navigating to different organizations in your hierarchy will open options to view and manage the Standards, Rubrics, and Courses for the selected node.


The Standards Tab

To create a standard set:

  1. Navigate to the organization or program for which the standards will be added
  2. Select the Standards tab 
  3. Select New Standard Set button


4. In the Set Title text field, enter a title for the standard set


5. In the Set Abbreviation text field, enter an abbreviation for the set

6. Select the Save button


To create a standard

  1. From the Standards tab, select the carat next to the standard set to which you’d like to add a standard



2. Select Create New Standard

3. In the Standard Title text field, enter a title for the standard

4. In the Standard Identifier text field, enter an identifier for the standard

5. In the Standard Description text field, enter a description of the standard

6. Select the Save button


7. Repeat the above steps for each standard


The Rubrics Tab

The steps for creating a new rubric have not changed from the Classic Admin steps. To get started, select the Rubric tab, then select Create Rubric. 



As a part of the release of the New Admin Experience, we have added Archive and Unpublish options for Rubrics. To access these options, select the more options menu. 


The Courses Tab

With the New Admin Experience, administrators can now easily toggle Internship Features on and off for future sections of any course. By turning Internship Features on, any future sections will have mentor notifications and time logs enabled by default. Any previously created sections will not be affected by this toggle. 



The sections and activity templates for each course can be accessed by selecting the “Course Catalog Code”  


Course Sections Tab

From the Sections tab of a course, you can edit section settings, including Placement Management, Internship Features, and Status, by selecting the “edit” pencil icon. 





To view Activities & Members associated with a section, select the section

Note – in “Classic Admin”, section activities and members were accessed by selecting the gear icon in the “Operation” column. 


The Activity Templates Tab

To utilize Activity Templates for a course, select the “Select Template” button. 


To add Activity Templates to course sections, select the checkbox of the template you’d like to add and select Apply. To streamline this process, administrators can now filter the templates list by Workflow Type. Once templates are selected, administrators can utilize the “Show Selected” option to verify their selections. There’s also the “select all” option; to select all templates, select the checkbox in the header of the Template column. 



Templates that have been used to collect a student submission are considered to be in use and can’t be removed from the course.

To remove a template that is not in use, select the “Select Templates” button and uncheck the template(s) that should be removed from the course.



Note: Other administrative functionality, such as adding Log Categories to courses and utilizing the Activity Scheduler is planned to be added to the New Admin Experience early 2023. 


Navigation – Settings Tab

Another Watermark Labs Release includes the introduction of the Settings tab in the left navigation. From this Settings tab, administrators can view and adjust their configuration settings for System Preference, Student Single Sign-On, the LMS Integration, and TURNITIN. Please note, not all of these configuration settings may be applicable to your institution.


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