How to Modify Institution-Specific Property Settings for Aviso Connect

SS&E Connect permits data integration to occur between an underlying data source (direct queries, flat files, etc) and SS&E Enterprise in the cloud. The current version of SS&E Connect is version two. Prior to SS&E Connect v2.0, an institution could use the SS&E administrative screens to set SS&E Connect configuration settings. This information was pushed down to SS&E Connect. To improve reliability and security, this push capability was removed from SS&E and SS&E Connect in early 2021. As a result, SS&E Connect loads its configuration locally on the virtual machine in which it runs.

For institutions who are not using SS&E Accelerate, institution-specific SS&E Connect properties may be set through an external file. To set a property value, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the SS&E Connect configuration file. 
    1. On Linux, this will be in the /usr/local/etc/aviso/connector folder.
    2. On Windows, this will be in the C:\Aviso\connector folder.
  2. Open the file config.groovy in your favorite text editor.
  3. Scroll to the relevant section of the configuration file, typically at the bottom. For example, to adjust tag settings, you will see a "PersonTag and Tag configurations" section. The properties listed in this file will be prefixed with the stream name. An example would be "tag.tagFilenames" to provide a list of tag files to process.
  4. Add your modifications and save the file.

The configuration changes you made will be used on the next run of SS&E Connect. SS&E Connect is started through Windows Scheduler (or cron) multiple times per day. The new data will be shown in SS&E after the next time the scheduled job runs on the SS&E Connect virtual machine AND the sisImportJob runs to load the data into SS&E.

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