2.1 Release Notes

Released: February 24nd, 2015


This release continued to refine the screens that success staff utilize in their daily activities.  Students will see minimal differences in this version.


Student Profile

  • Support for multiple phone numbers including verification of a working number by success staff.  By default, the most likely number to reach a student is shown on the student’s profile. Other numbers can be accesses by clicking the phone icon.  When a staff member successfully reaches a student, we recommend verifying the phone number so that staff will try that number first in future interactions with the student.  Appendix A and Appendix B show screenshots of the student profile and phone verification process.
  • Include Success Team at top of student profile so that it is accessible regardless of which tab is selected.  The Send Alert button is also contained within the Success Team section so that end-users better understand who the alert will be sent to.
  • Student Profile Tab
    • Support for home address.
    • Added Orientation Complete Date for institutions who capture this information.
    • Added date and time for alerts shown on the student profile so that users may know how old the alert is.
    • Icon Bar. Actions that were previously buttons are now icons.
      •  Follow - Prior to 2.1, Aviso supported subscriptions, which permitted a staff member with appropriate permissions to follow the interactions a student was having in addition to being notified of alerts or other student events.  In 2.1, Aviso’s terminology has changed from “Subscribe” to “Follow”.   Staff are now “Followers” of a student.  To Follow a student, a staff member can search outside their caseload and simply click on the star in the icon bar.  The star will be empty when not followed and filled in when followed.
      •  View Plan – Opens the academic plan for the student in a separate browser tab/window.
      •  Message – Shows the message popup to quickly send a message to the student without leaving the student profile.
      •  View phone numbers and ability to verify phone numbers.
  • Term Tab - This tab has been renamed from “Current Term” to “Term” and it is now possible to select from any term a student has associated coursework for.  Additions to this tab also permit more fine-grained information regarding student activity in these courses.
    • Added a filter to permit Term and Registration status selection.
    • Course credit value is now shown.
    • Added a field for Registration Date that will be populated for institutions that capture this information.
    • Added a field for Enrollment Date that will be populated for institutions that capture this information.
    • Added a field for Dropped Date that will be populated for institutions that capture this information.
  • Transcript Tab
    • Show cumulative GPA.

    • Show instructor’s name on each course.  Clicking on an instructor’s name provides a quick way to send a message to the instructor.  See Appendix E.


  • Throughout the application, clicking on a person’s name will open a Message popup rather than forwarding the user to the Messages screen. This permits a message to be sent without losing the context of where the user is within the application.  See Appendix C.


  • Staff now have the ability to turn on the Course Dropped/Withdrawn Event. This event will be created when a course the student is registered is dropped or withdrawn from.  Note that this setting is off and staff must turn it on to receive these notifications in their news feed and daily digest emails.


  • Specify a start and end date for the Usage Report.  If no start and end date are selected, the last twelve months of data are shown by month. If a date range is selected, the report shows numbers daily.
  • A new “Assigned Tags” report.  This report shows any students with currently assigned tags selected by the user.
  • Overall speed improvements to reports.


  • Ability to assign a tag to multiple student ids at the same time.


  • Moved to OAuth 2.0 rather than using OpenID 2.0. This will remove the message “OpenID 2.0 for Google accounts is going away.” shown when logging in for those customers using Google Apps integration.
  • Show Cumulative GPA throughout to appropriate decimal places based on institutional configuration.Removal of progress bar throughout application to prevent confusion.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Happy Birthday events were triggered a day late for certain customers.
  • Fixed a bug whereby searching for a student would refresh the page instead of the content displayed.

Appendix A: Student Profile

With 2.1, the Success Team is front and center.  Further, the student’s most important information is now found in the header and is visible no matter the tab selected.  Clicking on the Send Alert button raises an alert to the student’s success team so that intervention may occur.

Appendix B: Verifying a Phone Number

Clicking on the phone icon reveals details about the student phone numbers.  A staff member can verify a phone number by selecting the verified checkbox.  Verifying a phone number is useful as the most recent verified phone number appears on the student profile and lets other staff know the student has answered at the number when called.

Appendix C: Inline Message Sending

Clicking on the message icon on the student profile or on names throughout the system will show the message popup.  This message popup permits quick, inline messages to be sent without having to go to the Messages screen.

Appendix D: Term Tab

The Term tab now offers the ability to select from any term and course status within that term.  A user can view drops, registrations, or other course statuses.

Appendix E: Transcript Tab

The transcript tab now shows the cumulative GPA and the course instructor.  Clicking on the course instructor allows the user to quickly send a message.

Appendix F: Meetings Tab

Start and end times of meetings may now be modified by staff.  This permits an easier way to enter historical meetings or to correct inconsistencies.


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