2.0 Release Notes

Released: December 22nd, 2014


The goal of this release was to consolidate the Aviso platform on to a more modern technology stack and to prepare for future development initiatives.  Users should experience very little difference in functionality, but should start to experience faster response times and increases in overall refinement.


  • Consolidation of Aviso into single software stack. This change prepares Aviso for upcoming add-ons and permits development to occur at a more rapid pace.
  • Speed improvements for most pages, especially when accessing large caseloads.
  • Removed support for older versions of Internet Explorer. Currently Aviso supports IE10 and IE11.  Moving forward, Aviso will support the current and one previous version of Internet Explorer.  Current versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox are also supported.
  • Permit adjunct/community faculty to be able to enter notes on a student’s record. These users do not have access to view notes created by someone else but may view notes they have created.
  • When an adjunct/community faculty is auto-subscribed to students based on their current roster, an event is no longer created for an advisor, coach or other staff that may be subscribed to the student. 
  • Introduced Aviso delete synchronization for transcript courses deleted from an institution’s student information system. Now when courses are removed from an SIS by an institution, those courses are removed from Aviso as well.  Note that this feature is only available with the AvisoConnector when it is configured to connect directly to an institution’s student information system.
  • For the Midterm Grade Alert, textual grade descriptions for grades such as P (Passing), I (Incomplete) and U (Un-satisfactory) are now used.
  • Modified “Send Us Feedback” link to use internal Aviso messaging to send a message to Aviso Support staff.
  • Added link to Settings for Staff to specify a Public Calendar URL. If specified, a link appears to the student to “Schedule a Meeting” and when clicked the Student will be forwarded to the URL set by the advisor.
  • AvisoConnector support for file-based datasources.  This permits institutions that provide their data via flat files to take advantage of the AvisoConnector’s ability to cache data and to only provide Aviso changes in data rather than full data exports. 

Other Notes

  • Links in Daily Digest emails delivered prior to 2.0 will not work with version 2.0. When clicked, the user will receive an Access Denied error. The workaround is to login to Aviso and search for the student directly.
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