Meeting Service Offerings


Service Offerings Administration lists the various advising and academic services offered at the institution.

Each Service Offering can be associated with any number of Service Delivery Locations, aka Departments, that are offered at different Locations, aka Learning Centers or Campuses.

  • By design, service offerings will change based on the selected location and service delivery location.

Service Offering Fields


The name of the service 


Is this service offering currently being offerred yes/no

Is Key Engagement

Is this service offering considered a key engagement yes/no

Meeting Scheduler

When a staff or faculty member schedules a meeting with a student, they are asked to choose from a list of service offerings that are associated with the selected location and service delivery location.

  • The following screenshot shows that two service offerings (Completing the FAFSA and Financial Aid) are currently being offerred at the selected location (Main Campus) and service delivery location (Financial Aid - Building 6 - Upper Lobby).

2024-02-06 13_50_23-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Next Kiosk System

When a student checks in to a meeting using the SS&E Next Kiosk application, they will be asked to choose from a list of services, aka service offerings, that are currently offerred at the campus (location) and department (service delivery location) they've selected. 

  • The following screenshot displays the Next view for the active service offerings (Completing the FAFSA and Financial Aid) that are offerred at the Main Campus campus/location in the Financial Aid - Building 6 - Upper Lobby department/service delivery location.
  • For more information about the Next Kiosk - Student View, click here.

2024-02-06 14_01_13-PC - take over - OneNote.png

How to Add a New Service Offerring

2024-02-06 14_03_56-PC - take over - OneNote.png

2024-02-06 14_05_41-New Service Offering.png

To add a new Service Offering:

  1. Select Meetings Administration
  2. Select Service Offerings
  3. Select +New
  4. Enter the Service Offering Name. This should be descriptive so that staff and students know what to choose.
  5. Check the "Active" checkbox to enable the service offering. This allows the service to be used.
  6. Check the "Is Key Engagement" checkbox if it is considered a key engagement activity.
  7. Save the record when done.
  8. Once added, the new service offering must be added to the appropriate Service Delivery Location(s) so that it can be selected from Meeting Scheduler and/or the Next Kiosk system.


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