Integrating Note Data with On-Campus Systems

At SS&E, we are often asked how institutions can keep other systems in sync as data is being generated with SS&E. An example we hear often is "I want notes entered by my advisors in SS&E to be reflected within my Student Information System". This article provides two approaches for how this can occur.


The SS&E software has an API that supports third-party applications to make HTTP calls to obtain various data from the platform. Continuing the example of notes, an API method exists that will provide back notes that have been entered with a specific date range. This endpoint is:

Parameters to pass in are the startDate and endDate values.


With the above API, it is up to the institution to initiate the connection and call the endpoint, obtain results, and process those into their system of choice. Alternatively, SS&E can push specific types of data from SS&E to Connect. Connect can then call an on-premise program, typically a stored procedure. In this scenario, the institution is required to provide the program that Connect calls to load data. Watermark Student Success & Engagement will not write data to an institution's SIS directly.

To enable this functionality for notes, you will want to perform the following steps as an institution:

  • Create a stored procedure that will take the following parameters
Name Description Type
Student The individual for whom the note was written. This will be equivalent to the institution's identifier for the person. String
Author The individual who created the note. This will be equivalent to the institution's identifier for the person. String
Created Date The DateTime the note was created in SS&E Date
Note The note content entered by the user String
Note Id The SS&E identifier for the note. This will be used to determine whether to insert a new record into the resulting table, or to update an existing record. Long
  • Provide execute permissions on the stored procedure to a Connect specific database account. 
  • Contact SS&E to have the note push capability turned on for your institution.
  • SS&E staff will test with your team to ensure that data is transferring correctly.

Once setup is complete, notes will appear in the SIS within a few minutes of being created within SS&E

If you have any questions during this setup, please contact SS&E Support at


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